Dutch "WHAM BAM!" decal

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Hey everyone, today I’d like to suggest two Dutch decals that were used on a Dutch P-40N during WW2.

Source: Het Curtiss P-40N Kitty Hawk Mk.IV, jachtvliegtuig "Wham Bam" van … - collectie - Nationaal Militair Museum

What aircraft were these decals used on?

The aircraft in question is the Dutch P-40N, C3-503, flown by Sgt G. van Alphen. It was part of the Dutch and Australian 120st Squadron, and it flew from 1-1-1944 till 19-9-1944. On the 19th of September 1944 the aircraft was lost when Sgt G. van Alphen lost consciousness after his oxygen mask had come loose during a practice scramble. His aircraft collided with the P-40 C3-544 of fellow squadron member Elt W.J. Heikoop, who used his parachute and survived.

Sgt G. van Alphen sadly did not survive this accident.

“WHAM BAM!” decal



The words “WHAM BAM!” don’t actually mean anything in Dutch. If we simplify the words down, it would more translate to “BOOM BOOM!”. Since the P-40’s in Dutch service carried out ground striking missions quite often, it makes sense to write this on the side of your aircraft.


As can be seen in the lower left picture, the next was written in a Yellow color.



How to unlock this in War Thunder


I think this awnser is very straight forward. This decal were only ever put on a P-40, and the decal’s nature is leaning towards ground strike role. So I’d say the requirements for unlocking this decal is as follows:

  • Get a certain amount of ground kills (Around 100-200 sounds good to me. AI targets in Air RB battles count too) while flying any P-40, and you will unlock the decal.

It would be nice to tie this decal to a P-40N when we get one ingame, but since we don’t have one ingame right now that idea will have to wait.


Link to the model: Modelbrouwers.nl modelbouw • Toon onderwerp - Curtiss P-40N ML-KNIL, Hasegawa 1/48

Also there is a user made skin of this P-40! Although it is outdated it might still work: https://live.warthunder.com/post/83841/en/

That is all for now, take care!



P-40N in Dutch service:
120(NEI)sqn | Aircraft of World War II - WW2Aircraft.net Forums

Asisbiz Curtiss P-40N Kittyhawk NEIAF C3 503 Wham Bam at Merauke New Guinea 1944 01

Modelbrouwers.nl modelbouw • Toon onderwerp - Nederlandse Curstiss P40N

Het Curtiss P-40N Kitty Hawk Mk.IV, jachtvliegtuig "Wham Bam" van … - collectie - Nationaal Militair Museum



I still don’t know why but this decal still reminds of me of the song Black Betty by Ram Jam. Would be cool to have decals like this added, could be a nice and simple GE premium or what have you as well with skin included.

Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.