Dutch - speaking Squadron [P4N1C] is recruiting!

Welcome to P4n1C!

Do you speak Dutch? Do you want to know other Dutch-speaking people? Are you 18 or older? We are a squadron that’s looking for a fun and casual experience for all members. Come and join our Discord: P4n1C

See you there!

In bullet points:

P4n1C - Squadron

  • Type of squadron: Casual (if you’re lvl 1 or 100, doesn’t matter)
  • Activity: above 0
  • Modes: any
  • Type of vehicles: Ground, Air & Naval (basically anything)
  • Preferred nations: any
  • Preferred game servers: EU and RU (occasional US)
  • Ages: 18+
  • Language: Dutch!
  • Timezone / available playing times: BENELUX (UTC +2) (we don’t sleep !)
  • Communication platform: Discord: P4n1C (discord.gg/ACc7EczSeg)

(all Bold requirements are necessary to have.)

Allen welkom! Of je nu level een of Honderd bent.
All welcome! No matter if you’re lvl 1 or lvl 100.

Ervaren en onervaren spelers welkom voor een fijne vlieg-, vaar- en rijervaring!
Experienced and inexperienced players welcome for a fun flying, driving and sailing experience!

Van propellervliegtuigen tot moderne jets, we ontvangen alle piloten.
From props to jets, we accept all pilots.

Vanaf 1 januari 2023 wordt het hebben van activiteit verplicht omwille van de vele aanvragen om aan de squadron mee te doen, zolang je meer dan 0 activity-points hebt (ongeveer 200 RP halen in een maand tijd), kan je blijven.

From the 1st of januari and onwards, having a positive activity in War Thunder will be mandatory to stay in the squadron. This amounts to about 200 RP in a month.