Durand De La Penne Class

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Pressmare | Marina Militare: il cacciatorpediniere Durand de La Penne in sosta a Casablanca dal 13 al 16 settembre
Description: The Durand De La Penne class (also called the Ammiragli class) is a class of missile destroyers made in two units: Durand De La Penne and Francesco Mimbelli. They were started in 1989, launched in 1991, and delivered in 1993. There was a plan to make two more units of the class,but the project was scrapped in favor of two Orizzonte class destroyers. They were made to replace the old Impavido-class destroyers. Their first roles were anti-aerial, anti-ship, and anti-submarine. The first unit, Durand De La Penne D560 (at the start named Animoso), was launched at Riva Trigoso in a Fincatieri dock on October 20, 1989, and delivered on March 18, 1993. She took part in various NATO trainings, like Enduring Freedom in 2002 and Operation Mimosa 06 in Lebanon in 2006, and she was assigned to the NATO Maritime Group 2 (SNMG2). The second unit,Francesco Minbelli D561 (at the start named Ardimento), was started in 1989, launched on April 13, 1991, and delivered in 1993. Like her sister, she took part in various Nato and military operations like Resolute Behaviours in 2003, The Lybian Crisis in 2011 (she took part in this operation after the modernization started in 2009 and ended in 2009), Ocean Shield in 2014, Safe Seas from 2015 to 2016, and NAXOS.



Crew: 335 mens
Displacement: 5560 tons
Leght: 147,7 m
Beam: 16.1 m
Depth: 5 m
Max Speed: 31 knots
Propulsion Systems: CODOG on two five-blade variable-pitch propellers that alternatively uses: 2 TAG Fiat/GE LM-2500; 2 x GMT BL-230.20-DVM diesel engines
Radars and Sistems:
1 × SPS-52C 3D radar
1 × AESN MM/SPS-768 radar
1 × medium range AESN MM/SPS-774
1 × surface radar AMS MM/SPS-702
4 × AESN Orion RTN-30X (MM/SPG-76)
1 × navigation radar SMA MM/SPN-703 4 × AESN Orion RTN-30X (MM/SPG-76)
1 × sonar system DE-1164/1167
1 × TACAN URN-25
1 × SADOC-2 combat system



1x 127/54 mm OTO
3x 76/62 mm OTO
4x Otomat MK2 Block VI AntiShip missiles
4x MILAS AntiSubmarine missiles
1x Selenia Aspide Launcher (with 8 missiles loaded)
1x MK 13 launcher with 40 SM-1RS SSMS AntiAircraft missiles
2x Trinated 324 mm WASS B515 Torpedo launcher for MU 90 torpedo
2x SCLAR-H decoy launcher
2x 20 mm oerlikon cannons

Aircraft and Helicopters:


2x AB 212 ASW




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Durand De La Penne D560

Durand de la Penne class Guided Missile Destroyer DDG MMI

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Yörük Işık on Twitter: ".@ItalianNavy de la Penne (Ammigrali) class guided missile destroyer ITS Luigi Durand de la Penne (x-Animoso) transited Bosphorus towards Mediterranean after Odesa port visit. D560 is armed with

Francesco Mimbelli D561


D-561 Francesco Mimbelli Guided Missile Destroyer ITS MMI

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+1 great light cruiser for italy

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Looks really fun! Though I noticed you missed the two 20mm Oerlikons in your list of weapons. Might be a while until we see this because of the missiles, but still +1!