Dupleix Returns to Sale on its Anniversary!

Dupleix was the fourth Suffren-class heavy cruiser in service with the French Navy. It was laid down in the fall of 1929 and put into service on May 1st 1932. At the beginning of World War II, Dupleix served near Dakar, hunting German ships and in June 1940 took part in the attack on Genoa and Vado Ligure. In November 1942, Dupleix was scuttled to avoid capture by the Germans.

Dupleix is available for Golden Eagles and is here to stay!

This heavy cruiser is available for 6,090 Golden Eagles.

When: From May 1st (11:00 GMT).

Where: France > Bluewater fleet > Premium vehicles.

About this heavy cruiser

  • Dupleix boasts enhanced armor that can protect important modules from high-explosive and semi-armor-piercing shells. In terms of weapons, this heavy cruiser is a true all-rounder. This is thanks to its powerful 203 mm main caliber guns, 4 x twin 90 mm mounts, torpedoes and a reconnaissance aircraft. Use this wide arsenal to emerge victorious in a wide variety of combat situations!

pity the 30% sale doesnt apply to β€˜β€™β€˜β€™β€˜β€™β€˜β€™β€˜β€™β€˜β€™β€˜newβ€™β€˜β€™β€˜β€™β€˜β€™β€˜β€™β€˜β€™β€˜β€™β€˜β€™ vehicles


C’mon, this was added to the game 5 patches ago, it should be part of the sale.



As a Dupleix user, I must mention that this ship is an all-loser, not an all-rounder…

The 203mm is hopelessly lacking in penetration at 5.7 and despite the 0.4 increase in BR, there is little improvement in armor from the Colbert.

I should also add that FR Navy is a poor deck as no other 5.7 Ship exists.

The players who should buy this ship are those who have absolute confidence in their naval play skills. I guarantee that any player who can make Dupleix work will play all of the ships well.

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