Dud shells in the game?

I was told that the shells are on a sliding scale as for their performance. Depending where the scale is determines how effective your shell is . If so what determines where the scale is ? Either up or down .so I can hide when my shell doesn’t work .Then there’s the reason for doind this . Replicate dud shells or bad amo .? But even the bigger question is WHY DO THIS AT ALL . Some one does everything right gets of what should be a kill shot but gets punished by getting killed from the very tank that should be dead. Again I say why do something like this taht doesn’t make any since . If they don’t do it then never mind .I’m shure they do though

You were lied to

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I’m confused, duds aren’t in the game, what you are experiencing is probably a ghost shell which is a server problem

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It’s not a server problem, it’s dropped packets between client & server.
In other words, it’s the server not even receiving the command to fire your gun.

It receives the command to shoot, it just doesn’t have the shell connect with anything for whatever reason.

Also if the server isn’t receiving something doesn’t that make it a server problem?

Not sure what’s changed over the last week, but ghost shells and turrets that are twitching when turning… great job Gaijin, maybe feed the hamsters, because your servers are crap.