Dualsense Edge on War Thunder

Hi, just wondering if anyone has played War Thunder with the DualSense Edge controller and has any feedback on its performance. Could you also confirm if the two back buttons actually give an “extra” two buttons on the controller for use in game? Or do the joysticks not have a press down function any more for L3 and R3?
Any other feedback would be appreciated, things it did really well or bad that affected War Thunder gameplay?

There may not be any interest, but I’ll post this here for maybe that one person who wants to know in 5 years time lol. I bought the Dualsense Edge and can confirm the back buttons DO NOT give you an extra 2 buttons for War Thunder. Sadly their only function is to remap an existing button on a PS5 controller to that position.
Additionally, the joysticks don’t seem to be of a higher quality so you still get that poor sensor performance, especially noticeable in War Thunder on the free view axis that results in the camera being jittery.
It would have been nice if Sony had also built in the ability to remap those back buttons to a keyboard button. Such is life.