DU armor in Abrams from United States Congress Congressional budget office C.2006

“The Army’s Future Combat Systems Program and Alternatives.” CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES CONGRESSIONAL BUDGET OFFICE, Aug. 2006.

P. 31,95 detailing DU armor in Abram tanks along with weight.

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Specifically where does this say thet there are DU insterts in the Hull


P31, and 95 detailing DU armor, not hull specifically, but in general showing that the Abram line inhouse does have it.

And it does have it in game.


accourding to gaijin, only the SEP V2 has it, while the document shows that A2 line in a general has DU armor

IIRC in game the A2 and the SEP have the same turret armour. either way this document doesnt show anything that gaijin doesnt already know. also not specificying which tank in the A2 series doesnt help, it could for all we know be referring only to later A2 versions such as the SEP. It isnt conclusive


Hey that’s the source I found an hour ago :D

Maybe it’s worth making a bug report but I think the chances are low considering how they treat all other sources

table 1.1 on P32 indicates how many A2 are in service along with average age, while Table A-1 on P95 show A2 and A2 SEP

it’s not necessarily a bug, but design choice by Gaijin

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it is stated in page 95 that the A1 AIM go heavy armor in turret and hull then it goes to say the A2 has second gen DU armour and A2 SEP third gen

this being a continuation of previous models its safe to assume its DU in both turret and hull.

sorry if I come off aggressive or rude, but may I know what exactly the AIM got introduced into the convo? we were talking about the A2+. again, sorry if I come across as rude.

the table in page 95 is a representation of upgrades from previous tanks

the tank right before both A2s is the AIM

ok, thanks for clarifying

actually after reding some more about this, Heavy Armor is DU. this actually proves the AIM does in fact have DU in the hull lol

from what I understand, The AIM we have ingame is the export version which did not have any DU

well if it is it shouldnt…

Any updates?

It takes 1 year to upgrade to the AIM configuration from a m1a1 apparently lolz

The conversion process includes replacing armor packages but is not specified