Drop Tanks for Kfir

I just bought the Kfir Canard - awesome jet but it’s got an incredibly small fuel capacity. Anyone else notice this?

Since so many other aircraft are getting droptanks, shouldn’t we have centerline drop tanks on the Kfir’s? It’d increase flight time, which is sorely needed for this jet, and it’s more realistic too since Kfirs had them in real life.

Has anyone reported or suggested this yet? If not, devs, how about adding these tanks?


The funny thing is that the Kfir C7 at least had drop tanks in the game since being added.

They form the support pylons to carry bombs. Last I checked, they haven’t added a fuel amount to these tanks yet and you can only get them when you carry bombs.

Gaijin have stated that drop tanks will be quality and accurate addition to individual planes and that will take a while. They even had to delay F-14B drop tanks from the patch for that reason.


I checked other nations. It looks like a lot of planes are missing drop tanks. The Kfir would definitely cry for the “flute”

I would love to see the two variantes for supersonic flight