For a downtier (br level 10.0) is it better to use HE or apsdf ?

APFSDS, why would you use HE?


Was just curios since i have better luck with HE usually, not sure why lmao. My tank be smoking some weed or something. However, I do use APSDF on more of the heavier tanks, mostly he on the lighter mbts. I’ve found that once in a downtier, I have better luck taking out leo 1s with HE, instead of apsdfs, and leo 1 a like vehicles with said HE, which is weird don’t ask me why. Thought id ask for different preference. Also, I use HE for last resort long range ammunition in case of an lucky ammo rack shot lol.

Because HE damage is so RNG and inconsistent with a tanks armor You can hit the turret and blow up a t90 abrams etc in 1 hit with over pressure even in the tracks of the tank.

This is me hitting the ERA on the turret of a russian tank. I kills EVERYONE.

well you mean 30f26 ?
you could play HE only and nuke everyone with roof hits if you want to but in generall just load it for light tanks or tanks hiding behind stones showing optics or stuff like that

so what ? now try that in a actual round and share the replay link
Taking that as example i can say the sturmtiger will onehit any tank in the game…

One would think that…

i hit here dead leo…
but… move a lil to the left… and the fuel tank absorbed the artillery shell.

Now you could say its the ammo… but the ammo isnt being blown up.
Its the same on the other side of the tank as well.

even a direct hit the the leo turret armor blows it up i n1 hit

overpressure says Hi

Overpressure. In Update “Ixwa Strike”, the “overpressure” mechanic was introduced, replacing the hull-break mechanic. It simulates the extreme pressures formed by the shockwave of an HE-based shell explosion, and their effect on the crew inside the vehicle .

For closed-up vehicles, this happens when explosion effect manages to penetrate the armour of the vehicle:

For HE, overpressure damage is calculated when a shell fragment from an explosion hits something inside of the vehicle, proving that explosion got inside of it. This leads to high-yield explosives nearly always taking out a vehicle in a single hit, due to the shockwave being able to move around frontal armour and to hit the entirety of the crew that way.

over pressuring… Kontact 5 and the leos boltted on armor?