Downloading War thunder 112 gigabytes on steam is taking forever


Why is downloading WT on steam so painful… I recently did a wipe on my PC and ive let my PC download for the past 3 hours, we have a good interned, I’m using Ethernet cable…

Ive changed it for a better cable, changed to a closer server. And still Steam makes me want to throw my Router out the window.

Is this Steam, or is it my internet

what is your internet speed? (if you don’t know you can just google speed test and test it on a website)
have you limited your download speed in steam?

7,81 Mbit/s ?!

this is way lower than the internet im supposed to have, and i have removed all limitations, shut down other programs

on the test website?


that sounds like a internet service provider issue.
check their website if there are announced issues or planned maintenance.
what speed are you supposed to have? (note that megabyte/s is NOT the same as megabit/s)

im aware,

Nothing special is happening, I’m supposed to have slightly less than 500-ish. Mbit/s

because steam shows byte. ISP/website tests usually shows bit.

Should i try to dig out another Ethernet cable. my current one has stuck around for like 2-3 years

it is mosy likely an issue with your ISP, check with another device or wifi and if you get under 100 then try giving your ISP a call

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Look at that, i changed my old Ethernet cord and i now have 935,70
Mbit/s instead of 7,81 Mbit/s

Much better:

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