Down Load Crush. While down loading enhancing graphic, sound

Ok so new to WarThunder. So download game about a month ago. Up to now I just went along with the whole download process and really did not think much of it. And I not that technical with computers I am just a user.

So when I downloaded WarThunder. I was working but it keep asking me to download more stuff something about enhance graphic, sound… It play did I did not do the download until yesterday.

So it started downloaded. Then it said it did not have any disk space. And it was stuck in an endless loop because the game client would pause the download and restarted the down load until it said out of disk space again.

So it look like what is happen was TW was downloaded to my C: disk. But my D: disk is almost 90% empty. I think my C: drive which only have 110G is the solid state drive and my D: drive is regular hard disk.

First what went wrong here. Was there some settings or process I did or did not do.

So what is the best way to reinstall. Is there an advantage on trying to install in the C: drive and if so is there a way to direct some of the files needed to D:. Or is it better to install all in D: and how would I do that.

Ps: So what I did was to uninstall TW. method put game client on No Auto Update, Go to Control Panel to uninstall, search and delete all TW and Gaijin files and folder on computer.

Thank You
War Thunder On!