Doubt with the ammunition of the Type 69IIA

I have a question about what ammunition the Iraqi Type 69IIA used in the Gulf War, because the ammunition it has in the game seems too old to me, knowing that the Type 69IIA is from 1982.

Yes, some Chinese players have already submitted Type 59 APFSDF

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I read that China had the dtw2-100 apfsds ammunition as an export model for the Type 69 IIA, which I don’t know what statistics it has. It would be nice to give that minicion to the Type 69 IIA and incidentally make it Iraqi, which was after all The country that had more units in service of this model.

In fact, according to the instructions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, all PLA shells of the same caliber and type must be universal

100mm Type 1959 APFSDS

Caliber: 100mm
Projectile Weight: 3.44kg
Projectile Length: 472mm
Armour piercing part length: 382mm
Armour piercing part diameter: 36mm
Tungsten core length: 77mm
Tungsten core diameter: 24mm
Tungsten core shell material: Tungsten Alloy
Initial velocity: 1435m/s

195mm @ 2000m at 0 degrees
175mm @ 2000m at 30 degrees
115mm @ 2000m at 60 degrees
100mm @ 2000m at 65 degrees

《论我国坦克炮及其弹药系统的发展》 李国俊

In game this rounds is implemented as APDS…

Primary Armour Piercing Projectile has 1435m/s muzzle velocity which is clearly referring to this 100mm Type 1959 APFSDS round

Further Note

Type 69-IIa was introduced with 100mm Type 1959 APFSDS in the early 1980’s

In early 1990’s the Chinese started producing the DTW2-100 APFSDS which is license produced M1000A1. Finnish T-55M already has it in game.

My Proposal for the game
Type 69 at 8.3 with PT-71 APFSDS (smoothbore)
Type 69-I at 8.3 with Type 1959 APFSDS (Rifled)
Type 69-II at 9.0 with DTW2-100 APFSDS (Rifled)

PT71-100 APFSDS: 142mm @ 0m (60)
Type 1959 APFSDS: 115mm @ 2000m (60)
DTW2-100 APFSDS: 175mm @ 2000m (60)

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