Dornier Do 335 V-14, fast and deadly arrow for the French tree

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I would like to suggest the French-captured Do-335 V-14, or more known as B-2.


History :

The Dornier 335 B-2 was a single-seat version of the pfeil, that featured 3 30mm MK 103 cannons and 2 15mm mg 151 cannons. This version is already in the game, as part of the german premium tech tree.

The french army captured the V-14 version almost completed at the Mengen’s airfield, along with a V-17 (but that’s for another suggestion). The French airforce and marine were very interested in the aircraft and it was decided to bring it back to France.
There is was tested and flown in several sorties at the “Centre d’essai en vol de Brétigny-sur-Orge” , where the pilots had very positive feedback about the plane’s performances, and were very surprised to find it so responsive even though it was such a massive aircraft.
A few months later it had an accident : after the front crankshaft failed, the pilot accidentaly turned off the engines; he tried to land the aircraft, but met a belly-landed B-26 marauder.



It was repaired, and would take flights again in February 1947.
Eventually with the rise in interest about jet engines, the plane was scrapped after a total of 22 sorties, serving no more purpose.

I couldn’t find any traces of it, but at one point the armament in the nose was removed from the plane, as you can see in this picture it was indeed there originaly :


This pic was found on a thread of alternatehistory that, at the time of my original suggestion, still existed, unfortunately since then it vanished and is not even on wayback machine. I’ll leave the link in the sources section anyway.

Characteristics :

  • Crew : 1
  • Wingspan : 13.80 m
  • Total lenght : 13.85 m
  • Height : 5 m
  • Wing area : 35.5 m²
  • Empty weight : 7400 kg
  • Gross weight : 9600 kg
  • Powerplant : Two Daimler-benz DB 603 E-1 of 1800 hp each

Performances :

  • Max speed at 6400m : 770 km/h
  • Range : 1380 km on internal fuel
  • Max altitude : 11 400m

Armament :

  • 3 x Mk 103 30 mm ( 2x in the wings, 1x in the nose)
  • 2 x Mg 151 20mm ( nose-mounted)
  • 1 x 500 kg bomb or 2 x 250 kg bombs internally
  • 2 x 250 kg bombs externally

Additional pictures :






Sources :

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were there and modifications to it and +1

Would make a fun and exciting event vehicle! +1


Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.