Dornier Do 335 B-6 ( Night Fighter) The last model of the 'B' series of the Dornier Do 335

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Dornier Do 335 B-6 ( Night Fighter)

I would like to make this suggestion of the Dornier Do 335 B-6 because it would give more diversity for two reasons: the first one is, because it would give the last version of the series ‘B’ of the Dornier Do 335 to be built and the second one because it would give more versions of night fighters for germany.

The seventeenth prototype was completed only after combat operations ended. This was done under French direction by German personnel. Its design features corresponded to the planned Do 335 B-6 series of night fighters. The special identifying feature was the measuring radio operator area cover, which could be folded back. In addition, the machine was equipped with a Messerschmitt P8 propeller in the bow. The V17 completed its maiden flight on April 2, 1947, almost two years after the end of the war. A few days later, the V 17 was to be transferred to France. A project that had to be postponed several times until May 29, 1947 due to damage to the engine or its shaft. After another flight, the plane was damaged beyond repair on landing.

It was a two-seat night fighter variant with a 13.80 m wing structure, which, unlike the A-6 NJ version, had a reinforced fuselage and new nose landing gear. Armament of the Do 335 B-6 series will include one MK 103 and two MG 151/20. The FuG 218 G/R »Neptun« was selected as night hunting equipment. These high-tech devices of the time were produced by Siemens/FFO in several versions. In the FuG 218 G/R version, it represented a night fighter locating device, combined with a so-called “backward-warner”. The 158-187 MHz band can be adjusted. In the case of the FuG 218 G/R, so-called “horn antennas” were installed. Other features of this type consisted of the use of a folding top of somewhat flatter design over the area of the measuring radio operator, as well as the DB 603 E-l engines, combined with flame arresters. Corresponding prototypes were to be built in the form of the Do 335 V17 and VI8.

Dornier Do 335 B-6 V-17 prototype, still original paintwork with German markings (Wk. Nr. 230017, RP+EU), coded RP+EU before French markings.




Dornier Do 335 B-6 Prototype V-17 Flight Performance:

  • Crew: 2

  • Wingspan: 13.80 meters

  • Wing area: 38.5m2

  • Overall length: 13.85 meters

  • Height: 5 meters

  • Empty: 7730 kg

  • Loaded: 10,100 kg

  • Performance:

  • Max speed: 763 km/h

  • Cruising speed: 685 km/h

  • Distance covered: 2000 km

  • Ceiling: 11,000m

  • Armament: 1 MK-103 30mm cannon, 2 MG 151/20 20mm cannon and a 500 kg bomb

Sources :


  • DORNIER Do 335 “PFEIL” The Last And Best Piston-Engine Fighter Of The Luftwaffe by Heinz J. Nowarra - Schiffer Military/ Aviation History Atglen, PA

  • The Dornier Do 335 Pfeil: A Complete Guide to The Luftwaffe’s Fastest Piston-engine Fighter. The author is Richard Franks (Valiant Wings)


Cool plane +1, but ngl I want the He-280 more than anything else


Yes, it is an excellent capacity aircraft.

I also want to see the He-280 in the game, and I don’t know why it hasn’t made it into the game yet


What’s the difference compared to the 335 A-0? Addition of radar I can see, but are the engines more powerful?

The Dornier Do 335 B-6 was supposed to use the same engine as the Dornier Do B-2, which is the Daimler-benz DB 603 E-1, but as the pace of the war was becoming difficult for the Germans to manufacture more powerful engines, they decided to use the Daimler-benz DB 603 A-2 due to lack of better engines

When it comes to the engine, it’s basically the same thing as the Dornier Do 335 A-0, which is the Daimler-benz DB 603 A-2. However, the performance of the Dornier Do 335 B-6 is slightly inferior to the A-0 due to the fact that it has the same armor as the Dornier Do B-2, but without the two additional cannons in the wing

In this photo you can see the same canopy armor on the B-6 as on the B-2. Another difference is that the B-6 did not have the blister on the canopy like the B-2

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I hope I comes with a night camo instead of the British one

It will depend on whether Gaijin wants to do this.
That green camouflage is French, not British.
The right thing is for the Dornier Do 335 B-6 to go to the German line and not to the French line.


Oh. It looks black to me. And correction, British

Will you also do a suggestion for me? It’s the heinkel he 219 B-1. I can’t really copy it over to the new forum because I never have enough time.

The problem with the Heinkel He 219 B-1 is that it never existed and making a suggestion about it is difficult to do. The Heinkel He 219 A-7/R-1 is basically the same as the B-1 you want in the game, it uses the same armament configuration. and he existed at least

Ah, I see. Doesn’t add much to the tree but hey, new plane is new plane.

I thought it did fly but with different engines? That’s why it even passed on the old forum in the first place