Don't like the Gramercy thanks

I don’t know if that’s the right place to post it, sorry in advance if it isn’t.
I admit that English is not my first language(it isn’t gaijins either) but anytime I want to acknowledge a teammates help and my guy shouts “Gramercy!” It takes me outa bit.
Oh yeah you saved my life under fire, putting yourself at risk?
I think if that I was in an actual war, and I’m under fire fixing my comrades tank in a open field, and he shouts “Gramercy”, I would let him be blown up next time


First world problem.


Just get use to it, it took me awhile to get use to it

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Im confused, what exactly is the problem?

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I am mediocre in a good day, but I’m actually a player for years now. Only recently I’ve played with a bit more consistency, but in all this years, with up and downs, joy and grievances alike only one thing remains:
My despise for Gramercy

No problem at all. I just get really invested once I’m playing, and I can’t imagine someone shouting “Gramercy” in a situation like this in real life
But of course is not at all serious, or even a problem. Just venting

Just change to a non-Engrish language, not a Gramercy will be heard.
They have had complaints about it for years. They probably leave it in to troll 'Mericans.

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I’m from New York and I have no issue with it. It’s more fun than just the flat “Thanks”


Even in German they say “Gramercy” in the thickest German accent imaginable and personally I must say that it sounds horrible. But I have a voice mod that changes the whole crew sound thankfully.


They should replace it with a “Thank ya’. Vera much.” /Elvis.

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More variety would be better not replace just more alternatives.

If your problem is literally a audio one in which it breaks your immersion you might want to think why you play games war thunder is supposed to be a team based game if saying thank you is a problem and you let someone die cause of it whos at fault

I found historical evidence it was used😉

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They guy who said “Gramercy!” of course.
The game is supposed to also be “historically accurate”. The word is odd and not in common use, today and during the period. So its a valid point, even if a minor one.

There is a massive difference between “Team based” and being teamed based.
Gaijin hasn’t provided the necessary tools to make it team-based. Since communication is heavily flawed.

(e.g) “Monsieur! prithee accepteth mine own sinc’re gratitude!”