Dont do this in GRB

3 man squad plus 1 did not score for the entire match. You will do more for the win by pushing objectives.

Here is the route they took, all they intended to do was spawn camp for easy kills, which never happened

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Yeah thats the weakness of the Warthunder game design.

They guarded a south flank, so they were doing a good job, but game has no reward system for that.

Not at all, they spawn camped and we lost due to caps. If we had all the caps then it maybe fine to do so, but it was very early in the match

Yeah they denied the enemy one spawn, so they could safely spawn only in north spawn, nothing wrong with that.

That south town is important part of the map, and you always need more tanks to cover urban area, than open field.

Sure, they could have positioned more in a way to cover C point and middle part of the map better, so the tanks near C could push B point.

You dont get it they never went near a cap the went to the edge of the map and went to spawn, if you take a cap and we need help at others then do so, they are spawn campers and did nothing for the team. They stayed in that area all match and the enemy never showed.
The enemy never used that spawn before they even got there, they meet no resistance and should of moved north to help rest of team.
The enemy is where your team is not

This is the route they took

I get what you are saying, I just don’t think that leaving the town and C point unguarded is good idea, they could lose C and get shot in the back in the process.

Look, we can discuss tactics, but I doubt it would get us anywhere, given the lack of coordination in ordinary Warthunder battle.

As I mentioned, the could have moved to north part of the town to cover more area, thats a more realistic demand imo.

This post is not about tatics for this map in particular. Its about going to spawn and camping it. I probably should of made that clear in the OP

Spawncamping SHOULD cause considerable losses and would allow your team to take B. Unless the enemy started spawning only on top…

Not being the best strategy, i dont see the big flaw…sometimes this same strategy will lead to victory. You can see players in forum claiming they lost because they were spawncamped…and that they even didn’t use all the vehicles due to that.

In war thunder, taking the enemy spawn is an acceptable strategy…if IN THIS CASE it was performed adequately it is a different question IMHO. There are very few games i remember where a team that had one spawn “overrun” still won the match.

IF spawn camping should be possible/rewarded is another question, i guess…

I would not exactly call it over run, 4 tanks and i have witnessed many times a come-back from being spawn camped. I dont find it a viable tactic untill you have all the cap, especially so early in the match. and me personally would let them come out of spawn untill they lose invulnerability.
They took a gamble, which they lost, there is no information to say the enemy are there, yet the enemy have taken A and B with ease, simple logic is that the enemy is where your team is not.
From experience of that map only a few spawn to the south and many goto B if they do and u might find a 1 or 2 snipers over looking the river.

New players

If my first spawn die and enemy is at both my spawns, have double the tickets and i know the match will be over quicker than crew lock, i will quit simple as, no point in feeding the enemy

The major issue with doing that when you don’t have a cap advantage (like in this case) is that you “force” the enemy to spawn in a way where they can keep the A/B caps easily because… they spawn in a favorable position to those caps compared to the friendly team’s positioning. All the enemy team has to do is keep A and B which based on the map image shown is exactly what they did.

They ended up taking all the caps with momentum, i tried to take A and was out gunned till i lost my SP

So…it is not necessarily bad tactics to take a cap and proceed to overrun (or harass) enemy spawn…

You need to adapt to the situation…if you find no targets in the enemy spawn, then you should try to attack a cap from the flank…
In that specific map i think there are issues in crossing water lanes, not sure it it applies.
And of course…players may have been egoistic, lazy or simply made the wrong decision…
(BTW…i had a few occurrences where i got to the enemy spawn, find no targets for a while, proceed to attack something else and got killed from behind by an enemy spawning afterwards…decisions are not always clear cut…hindsight is much better :) )

This is war :)
(bottom line for me…not a global error…just a bad decision on the specific scenario)

I would encourage over run the cap and ambush the enemy and leave your self options to move to another cap and help your team or move behind enemy front line, ambush, harass, destroy etc. I do not encourage base camping. This post is more about the tatic not the map

I am not advocating it “as a tactic”…but it is rather frequent that the team takes a cap…and then moves forward, which leads to the team engaging the enemy in their spawn or on the exits. It can work fine if the attacking team does not overextend…as it can then be destroyed either if the enemy spawns in group or can use the initial invulnerability to take free kills.
Moving forward close to enemy spawn and then double back, exposes rear/flank to new enemies…but it may also happen when we move from one cap to the other, with the flank open to enemy new spawns…
Each case is different…