Don’t just change M82 velocity, add the large filler M82 as well

Gaijin is finally addressing 90mm ammunition in the upcoming BR changes and that is greatly appreciated but this is still a partial change. There is no reason to not leave the low velocity M82 and increase its filler charge, in addition to the velocity increase for the low filler charge variant.

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Bug report for reference:


Ask for T33 performance too please.


Also, the M82 weight is incorrect:


US 90mm mains see a single change to the 90mm in decades:


go at it boys!


You got every round changed to the 90 mm experimental Supercharge version that was never issued or used in battle. At this point I would take the W and move on, honestly. I’m sure lots of other players would like to have the performance stats of their favorite guns increased to their “experimental” values, too.


That’s incorrect. The supercharged M82 became the standard round. The M82 was always intended to be fired at 2800-2850 fps. The 2850 fps variant wore out the barrels too fast, so the 2800 fps version was adopted. It was labeled super charged so the crews knew which version they had.


This is not experimental supercharge. Supercharged is 2850 fps. This is 2800 fps version.

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As other people have already pointed out, 2800 ft/s or 853.44 m/s was one of the standard velocities for M82 in early 1945 and onwards. Experimental was 2850 ft/s or 868.68 m/s.


They are making M82 even better? Sweet. Not like it needed it but hey more reason to remake a 90mm line.

Whether or not it needed it is debatable. What isn’t debatable is these versions are real and were issued. There’s no reason to not have them in game.

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That’s the one remaining change we need on the early American 90mm. Giving those tanks a way to actually deal with problematic tanks frontally, like Panther UFP and Tiger II H turrets, is my last reservation before they move up.

I’d still argue for a reload buff on the M47/48. Having them load as slowly as the Soviet 100mm in far roomier turrets, and a full second longer than larger guns in the same turrets (As seen on the M47/105 and M60 respectively) is just silly.


This isn’t about balance. The IS-2 44 and IS-6 didn’t lose a shell to get the BR-471D. The Tiger E didn’t have the PzGr 39 replaced by the PzGr. Gaijin just added those rounds to the load outs.

The T-44 has 3 APHE rounds and two APCR rounds.
The T-54s have all three 100mm APHE rounds.

Why is the 90mm treated differently?

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It’s performance in game is correct per the demarre formula.

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The performance is not correct according to reality. Testing, trials and combat experience all show the DeMarre formula is not correct.

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The DeMarre formula is the standardized formula used used to determine pen for all AP shells in game. So doesn’t matter what the real life values are, the game doesn’t used them outside of the values that are plugged into the formula.

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It’s not the standardized formula. Gaijin modified the formula. They should adjust it to bring it closer to reality.

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The IS-2-44 originally lost that shell, when shell selection was determined by historical use and not balance. Which is also why the T-44 and 54 have access to all those shells. They were added when vehicles were given their full historical shell load out.

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My point is the M26 should get its historical shell load out, same as those tanks.

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No they didn’t and it doesn’t need to be modified. It works just fine.

Shell load outs are determined by balance now not historical use.