Does the M60 suck or am I just a bad player

I’m struggling immensely to use the M60 tank. it feels like every battle I am getting my ass whooped, Is there anything I can do or is it just a terrible tank?

Which M60

105mm Gun tank M60 in the US tech tree

What round you using

APDS rounds, I just unlocked the vehicle 2 days ago

So 8.0 in it is a bit hard as some russian stuff gets APFSDS at that br so you need to be careful

8.0 is kinda bad in general right now, because they’ve got a fairly high chance of being uptiered, in which case you will be facing two-plane stabilisers, APFSDS, and sometimes even composite armour and ERA, with a tank with no stabiliser and only fires HEAT. It will get a bit better when you get to the RISE P, but IMHO that tank is still a bit lacking compared to other 8.7 MBTs.

It’s an ok 8.0 tank.
But like a lot of other tanks it can be a bit painfull until you get most of the modification researched.
The gun and ammo is ok, but it’s slow as f. when stock.

Use HEAT whenever you unlock it since T-54/55’s fuel tanks like to blow up when hit by HEAT.
Take around 18-20 shells: 14 HEAT, 4 APDS and 2 HESH (or a mix of these).

The front of the tank is decently strong (the A1 variant is much better though) and the gun depression is good for a defensive gameplay. Also, use the rangefinder.

Being slow can be used to your advantage: if you don’t rush your suspensions are smooth enough that you can land a shot without the stabiliser.

In general it is a solid tank for a conservative gameplay style.


The M48s and the M60 have super rough stock grinds. They’re not easy and not fun to play when you first get them. They’re really nice once you get the modifications, specifically the better rounds on them.

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There’s always things you can do but in the case of the base M60 it’s just a very, very mid tank stuck in range of some very competitive Battle Ratings.

Remember to hide the tall cupola when short range brawling by only peeking the left side of the turret.

It isn’t necessarily a terrible tank. The APDS is a pretty good penning round. Overall, I wouldn’t play it though unless it is a map you are going to be sniping in. The lack of a stabilizer and/or Laser Rangfinder definitely hinders it against the constant uptiers you face. You just need to play a little bit safer and more conservative if you aren’t already but it definitely isn’t a great tank either.