Does the E-100 has the same turret as the Maus?

So I had an argument with my friend about whether the E-100 turret was based on Maus or diffrend/modified one.

I think you can go to gaijin market then find E-100 and use view in game option to see E-100 in game and analyze its body yourself. From what heard turret of E-100 in game is exactly the same as Maus in game and difference is in hull. Don’t know about their IRL version.

its a super maus pretty much never existed as it was only a paper design

I assume you’re referring to the real world E-100, and not its’ in game counterpart.

The answer is “complicated”.

The intended turret design was never actually built, just the hull, that’s probably why we have the homunculus version in-game.


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well were not sure if it was built or not, a lot of info on the e100 is a mess, with some being destroyed and other just went missing during the war and after.

however irl the e100 would have its own turret, seeing the maus turret was too heavy.