Does the A10 have uranium ammo?

I know irl the A10 can use uranium ammo/ casings but it only says armored targets and ground targets, I guess we will never know.

If it did it would specify the specific type of ammo in the belt. Like Germany’s 20mm and 30mm Minengeschoß

The APCR round is DU.

but that doesnt change the fact that it has almost the same flat pen as kugelblitz

It has the same flat pen as the Kugelblitz but it has significantly better angle pen, precisely because it is DU.

Penetration graphs

I’ve created some graphs in Desmos to show the calculated penetration of both the A-10’s HVAP and the Kugelblitz’s HVAP projectiles at different angles and distances.

0 meters.

500 meters.

1000 meters.

Not only does the HVAP round from the A-10 have substantially better performance against sloped armor, it also loses penetration over distance much slower (identifiable by the ever increasing gap in 0° penetration).

Disclaimer: the penetration of the Kugelblitz’s HVAP round might not perfectly match what the stat card states at 30°. This is due to a bug where the stat card for HVAP/APCR utilizes the projectile’s diameter to calculate the diameter to armor thickness ratio, while the actual penetration value utilizes the core’s caliber. The values I show in these graphs utilize the core caliber, so they are accurate to the actual achievable penetration.

It’s junk, so I suppose it doesn’t have any DU. Gaijin is super allergic to DU nowadays on any US plane or tank.

But the SU25 has some lolpen stalinium rounds that take care of Leopards with 1-2 bursts, max 30 rounds.

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The HVAP round is DU.

You know the a10s rounds have more pen right
its useless but you complaining about a gun not killing tanks that it could never kill IRL

The leopard 2’s would be extremely vunerable to DU rounds due to the light side and tol armors

Not really. The advantage of DU over W is that DU is a free waste product.

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And that it is its own incendiary, there is a reason why it is listed as an API round, not APCR despite not having any form of pyrotechnic mix.

The combat mix’ would normally be the PGU-14/B API Armor round (with DU) in a 4:1 mix with PGU-13/B HEI, mostly because A-10s aren’t usually assigned to hit smushy target.

As to what Gaijin actually puts in the thing…

It really seems like a lot of you think that DU is some God power like material that should pen 800mm+ of armor (ps, it doesn’t)

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