Does someone have information classified or not about the fcm2c who was taken by soviet after the fall of Berlin?

9-99 champagne 67
this is the tank i search the 99 champagne fcm2c who was captured by germany and taken by soviet

Nice try fed, you won’t get us to leak documents again

Obvious /s


lol im fr looking for info

My life long dream has always been to get in the papers or cause something to be put in the papers.

Might be able to do it here ;)


That’s a joke, I will not be leaking any classified documents, idek where to get some. PLEASE DON’T BAN ME! :)


Well Good Luck, but with how old the tank is i dont think theres anything still classified abt it just by looking that its a black n white pic.

I’d try some tank subreddits if you don’t get any here :)

is this supposed to be a joke?

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it’s a late ww1 and use in ww2 , im looking for documents to know what happen to him

no 100 percent serious

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wait isn’t that just a char 2c?

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it is

t’es pas drôle

The chances of you finding info that is classified for the French Land Battleship is near 0. It wouldn’t be classified as something this ancient.

in French LOL

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near 0 is not 0

Mate it’s a 103->107 year old design. No tank irl uses anything the French Land Battleship would have had nor would there be anything of importance that could benefit modern-day military equipment. You are not going to find anything that’s classified because all of it would be declassified by now.

That would be trying to claim the Dodo and Nicobar pigeons are the same species simply because one is a direct descendant of the other.

then what happen to him? if you don’t have the anwser it’s because they don’t want you to know

For dang on sake, the tank was probably scrapped, the end. Good damn just do some research and use some common sense. Since it’s very unlikely that any still even exist.

If it was taken by Soviets then it was probably disassembled and turned into some another tank later during WW2

i hope not