Does rangefinder range increase with rangefinding skill?

Recently I spaded T95 and missed better rangefinder on it.
I always thought that crew range-finding skill is just to reduce error so I never put any points in that, but I found old 2016 post on steam, claiming it can increase the max range by like 20% with maxed out crew. Is that still the case?

Yes, experienced crew get more accurate and can estimate ranges that are further away. You also get two upgrades on some tanks, the rangefinder and the laser rangefinder which help you find ranges even more accurately and at longer distances.

I know that Optical and Laser rangefinder modification increases max range, but thanks for confirming the crew skill one, thats good news to me:)

They should mention it in crew skill description ingame.

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IIRC maxing the skill increases the distance up to which the crew is able to determine range to 1200m.

That has never been changed.

For automated systems like laser rangefinders, this obviously should not be affected by crew skill, just as reload rate of autoloaders is not affected by the crew skill.

1200m on aced crew?! Thats quite the difference from basic 800m…