Does israel get f15? #israel

Does israel get f15 in this update? israel-aircraft


There are no hints in the trailer - but they received the F-16 at the same time as the other nations and in reality the F-15 plays a relevant role in the IDF.
So I suppose so - at least I sincerely hope so …

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Israel better get the best version though, unlike last patch where Israel got an F-16 with as much spaded thrust as a US stock F-16C, and they don’t get mavericks.

Israel is getting the F-15 Baz with Python 3

So it’ll be 11.0 then?

12.3 with the other F-15s

That’s a horrible BR for a plane that only gets 7Ms and Python 3s. Why would I take it when it’s going to be worse than the F-16D?

I don’t know why you’d expect it to be lower than 12.0. 12.3 is already going to shit on everything below it and the Netz is at 12.0 with a pure IR loadout.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see the F-15s and Su-27s go up to 12.7. 11.3 is going to be a bloodbath.

It’s just going to be a worse F-14B. No targeting pod, no thermals, worse low speed handling, same quantity of missiles but with worse options, lower number of countermeasures, etc, etc etc.

All three F-15 variants will have better IR missiles and F-15 carried BOL rails (so the devs can add those). The radar will probably perform better than F-14B. Wouldn’t be surprised if handling in the F-15 is just “better” across most regimes compared to the F-14

Python 3 isn’t that much better compared to 9L. Especially depending on the mode you’re playing (sim)

With regard to ARB, the Python 3, AAM-3, and 9M are all better in some way than the 9L.

Still seems like it’ll be pretty lame compared to the F-16D, which is itself worse than the F-16C. Especially if it’s stuck with Python 3s.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the AIM-7Ms get pulled from the F-16D now that the Baz is in game, since those were the BVR placeholder.

Then the only alright plane in Israel becomes even worse. If Baz doesn’t get 9Ms then it’s a total loss for Israel.

In addition if it’s just an F-15A then it won’t have HMD, unlike F-16D. so it’s going to be easy loss in comparison to su-27.

I’d rather stay with f16D
than play with f15A

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The Flanker is stomping the Eagle right now. Yeah, might as well not use it.

They’re going to have to give the F-16C with AIM 120s and not add R-77s at this point lmao