Does Germany suffer? An honest opinion from a Veteran of War Thunder

So, you’ve seen the title, and you’re wondering what that means if you’re new. Simply put, German mains think they suffer.

But do they though?

Well, Yes, and no.

Why do I say that?

Let me explain: Germany suffers for a few reasons, but number 1 reason is because of the removed vehicles. There is a gap between late WWII and Early Cold War (Of 2 brs at the max), Best way to fill this is to bring back the removed German Vehicles, or introduce more vehicles to fill this gap.

German players also think they are invulnerable, so they press W.

However, they also do NOT suffer because they have really strong line ups and powerful guns. Tanks like the Tiger II or Leo 1 can easily dominate an entire match when played correctly. Germany also has powerful CAS, so a perfect lineup can easily be played on any map. But this doesn’t mean Germany is all powerful.

German tanks have weaknesses, like underpowered vehicles (IE vehicles that are slow) which is good, because

My idea is this: Let the community vote on if they want older vehicles back into the game to research once a year (Like the maus), bring them back as tech tree vehicles, OR vote on if other vehicles should take this place to fill the gap.


maybe the arado, the strike 262, the Do’s (debatable) are good CAS aircraft in quality…
Germany severely lacks in quantity. especially when it comes to pure payload amounts and standoff capability.
especially at the higher teirs.
RN the situation is a bit better at 9.0 due to the AJ but it still sucks higher up.
the 22M4 is a brick and overteired like its russian brother and still lacks some armament options that it had IRL.
the tornado is a bus with little ability for standoff engagements like the SM£ or SMT or match defining capability than other counterparts like the 16 or mirage 2k.

lets not talk abt ground because aside from the mistreatment for the leos and PUMA, the SPAA and LT options, theyre pretty strong and the players themselves get pretty experienced at that BR and learn to play effectively.

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Germany lacks support vehicles at high tier despite there being numerous options to implement, same as the US.


A valid point with the objection!

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Yeah, the last support vehicle (The Wiesel 1A2) is at 9.7. Germany needs more.

The Germans suffer in Ground RB like US teams in Air RB. The only difference is that US aircraft are usually heavily undertiered (mainly props) and fight actual WW2 stuff with post war stuff - and the high number of “good” German tankers prevents that German Ground vehicles become severely undertiered too…

What’s your highest BR German tank, not counting premiums, event/trophy or squad vehicles?

I’ve been grinding the German tree for years and am at the Leo 2A4, and I can say I’ve seen my fair share of actually good German tankers. German tanks aren’t designed for frontline combat, they’re sniper vehicles, where the weaknesses of armor are less exploitable.

I play Air RB only - some friends play up to 6.7 Ground RB with Germany. And my son became somehow addicted to tanks too, idk what, but something went wrong… :-)

The main issue i see is that too many rookies are attracted to German WW2 tanks - with having the necessary knowledge to use them properly - same as masses of rookies storm the US Air TT and suck in iconic planes like P-51s etc because they are not easy to use effectively…

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i agree with everything especialy the Leo 1 part but the thing i disagree with is CAS for Germany
now from 1.0 - 5.3BR you have very good CAS but after that its all bad like i don’t run any CAS vehicles after 5.3
this is my AVG Sim gameplay with the Leo1 the only death I have is because of enemy CAS other than that this thing is great

I’m a Japanese main who has dived into other nations with the UK, Germany, and USSR nations being my other more played ones and I can most certainly say that it isn’t vehicles that Germany suffers from it is the quantity and the lack of quality players. Which has led to Model 631(A cheaper B1 battle droid and a more clumsy model/variant). Which is what I compare the majority of German mains to be.

They are mass in numbers but lack the critical thinking to utilize their vehicles as their there best pros.


“Those 631s are not the brightest lights on the ship.”

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We don’t need the paper vehicles to come back.

  • Maus can. It was built and functional.
  • Panther II in its Frankenstein’s Monster configuration can stay gone. Though I would love a more accurate one to come in at a lower BR, around 6.3
  • Tiger 105 is completely paper and should stay gone.
  • Coelian could ironically come back as Gaijin shifted the suggestion goal posts, and the Coelian absolutely fits the partial prototype category.
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The only “Panther II” we can add is the Panther II with a Panther G turret as this was tested and still on display.

Cause the turret

The concept
Only a wooden mockup was ever made which is likely what the fake one was based on.

The point is, it will not return as you said, and this depiction will not come to the game either, since the turret never was fitted on the actual chassis.

My first issue with this post:
“veteran” is a bit of a stretch with about 10k battles total.
Second issue:
your experience wont at all be representative of most other players since you use A LOT of premium vehicles (4/10 of your most played vehicles are premium, your top 11 RP earner vehicles are ALL premium).

All of your tigers and leopards you own have a K/D of less than 1.

you don’t own any planes above rank 5. all of your planes (except one) that have been used for CAS by you have a K/D of less than one.

It just irks me that you have relatively little experience and the experience you do have is opposite to what you claim here. as well as having so many premiums that your playtime experience wont even be close to the regular players experience.


I don’t play this game competitively, I play it so I can have fun, so having a tank with a low K/D is no big issue, as its just a stat for a video game.

I consider myself a vet because I have that many battles, and the premium vehicles are just to bolster my line ups whenever I was at that br!

I’m saying the whole plane thing is based off of experience I have seen from other players.

Personally, I’d love to have paper vehicles (as long as we know a bit about em)

There are so many interesting paper designs, like the Lowe or, just as an example, the O-I, and even if they wouldn’t work IRL, they’d work in game, at some BR.

The fake is very loosely based on it. The 8.8cm is a seperate project entirely.

The hull was built. That’s enough for Gaijin to reintroduce a more realistic Panther II back into the game under their new partial prototype category.

Something like this would be far more appropriate. Based on the information available.

Not a Panther 2 turret afaik. Just seems like a Panther F narrow mantlet turret. Because the Panther 2 arrived in the US with only a turret weight simulator. And the americans later added the Panther G turret.

Wasn’t the Panther II just a Panther I with more armor, and later on down the line decided to share components with the Tiger II?

That sadly means your opinion on the efficiency of vehicles wont be that useful to other players.

you can do that, but from my experience on the forum those numbers are not nearly enough to call yourself a veteran.

your absolute most played german vehicles are around rank 4-5. you have a TOTAL of 198 battles in ALL of your german vehicles above rank 6. 145 of which are in a premium tank and 53 in a normal tech tree vehicle.
the only place in the tech tree that i personally feel that you have had any sort of normal experience of play is in rank 5. (and very close with rank 4 but 210 battles in a premium still scens things).

then using “an honest opinion from a veteran” in the title is VERY misleading.

Edit: holy shit, i just noticed. out of the 15 vehicles you have in rank 7 only ONE is a normal tech tree vehicle all other 14 are premiums and squadron vehicles.

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