Does anyone actually have any sources for M1 hull DU?

I’m sure you’ve seen Gaijin’s post about Abrams hull DU.
While many were outraged and there was much outcry about “Russian bias!” and “USA suffers!” there were not many reliable- that is, primary- sources directly and unequivocally stating that M1A2 SEP v2 has DU hull armour. However, lots of people have claimed that such sources exist.
If such declassified :| sources exist, please attach them here. It’d be good to consolidate these sources so they can be readily found in the future to be brought to Gaijin’s attention.
If no such sources exist… well…

And comrades, we’re looking for sources here. The entire point of this discussion is to consolidate evidence so it is readily available and accessible. Not a place to argue for or against changes in the game. Just a place to purely discuss IRL vehicle design, while citing reputable and verifiable sources. So please try to stay on topic.
In addition, we’re looking for irrefutable evidence here, not speculation and "maybe probably"s. Let’s try to avoid discussing Swedish details, vague statements of “armour improvements,” or timeline interpretations, ok? Gaijin has already seen all those evidences that imply more modern armour, which might mean DU. They’ve made it clear they are looking for primary sources that- as stated previously- directly and unequivocally say the SEP has hull DU, or otherwise significantly increased frontal hull armour at all.

DOE Armor
Amendment 2006 Hull Limit Removal 1
Amendment 2006 Hull Limit Removal 2

2016 Amendment
This refutes their license claim, since they produced an obsolete license that was amended that same year that authorized DU in an unlimited amount of turrets and hulls. You asked about M1 hull DU. These licenses are proof enough. Then consider the Department of Energy armor upgrades in the budget reports.
The VA memo specifically states M1A1 HA and M1A2 hulls produced after 1998 have DU in the hull…which this budget report confirms.

Notice the M1A1 SA received depleted uranium armor in the hull as a part of the Common Abrams upgrade package. This includes the SEP and SEP V2.

This also lines up with budget form records indicating armor upgrades. It has been confirmed that the Department of Energy is responsible for the armor package upgrades.

Common Abrams Armor

This from another report confirms what was printed in the Haynes manual. All of this lines up with the timeline of armor upgrades from 1998 on in the budget forms and the VA memo about DU in M1A1 HA and M1A2 hulls since 1998.

…and you’re completely cringe for using “comrades.”


Evidence from the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Congress was released, but Gajin still did not admit it.

he must be commie 🙂

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