Do you guys have correct view on Litening Pod of AV8B Plus?

My pod view is shown as the view of AGM-65D, even when I carry no AGM-65D, and it does not guide my GBU.

also, I’ve already submitted an issue here, but no one seems to pay any attention to it.
Does this bug only happen to me or what?
This has made my AV8B Plus basically unusable in GRB for several months now. I’d appreciate some feedback now.

Your not in pod view

What view is he in then if he’s not carrying any Mavericks

i have no clue how he got into that view

have you set a key bind for targeting optics view

I use V to directly switch to the target pod view. This key binding may seem wired, but it works in all other planes, which helps me skip the cockpit view.

maybe thats the issue

i have no clue how your getting into that view if you have a targeting pod