Do you get anything for staying in a match after you die?

I’ve noticed that some players stay in a game in spectator mode after their vehicle has been destroyed, specifically ARB, but overall generally sometimes in GRB.
Is there any benefit to this other than cheering on your team? Do you get more “activity time” or potentially assists by riding a burning plane to the ground and then sticking around instead returning to the hanger?

In gameplay rewards, I don’t think so.

But I like seeing what all the others players end up doing; watching every match to its conclusion can be a good learning experience. I’ll usually leave it on in the background while doing other things mind you, but if possible I’ll list the remaining enemy types in chat if relevant, and if needed try to look for dots.

I’m also often spading what I’m playing, so going back to the hangar early doesn’t really benefit me as I have to wait for the match to end (to get the rewards to get more mods) before joining another anyway.