Do we need 12.0 BR for ground vehicles?

It is pretty wired that Gaijin still hasn’t extended Ground Vehicles BR120.0, we already have 12.3 BR for Air vehicles, but Ground vehicles are still in 11.7, I don’t think T80BVM or STRV122 could in 11.7 with Challenger 2 and Leclercs.


Yea i wish for 12.3 as well altho for different reason. Currently 8.0-9.0 is an absolute mayhem of non-stabilized tanks with no LRF and meh APDS against fully stabilized tanks with thermals, LRF and APFSDS with Composite armor… The space they made from 6.0-7.7 is nice… but they need to make more space for tanks higher up as well. It’s really no fun facing 279s/Type 16s in a Leopard 1 or M60.

Yes. Decompression is good.

Yea, 8.7/8.0 got completely boned

I’d say I agree, 12.0 is a necessity at this point, BRs from 8.0-10.3 are all very heavily conpressed, 8.0s vs 9.0s is pretty annoying to play, 9.3 vs 10.3 is also a struggle for the 9.3s

In regards to RB ground they made this same mistake already on 2 different occasions in prior patches with no thought behind their BR changes and still have not learned , for example Leo1s ,AMX-30s,t62s ended up having to face Abrams/2a4s/t80s .
It turned out exactly as it did now, the 10.3s are clubbing the living hell out of 9.3 tanks they have no business facing . People saw this coming yet the developers did not move the BR ceiling up across the board before these BR changes were implemented .

There is no reason any of the previous 8.7-9.0 vehicles which are now 9.3 should be facing vehicles like the Abrams/2a4s/t80s among other things at that BR , the difference in vehicle capabilities between these BR’s ranges is immense.

I am hoping they further decompress the entire BR range and raise the ceiling to 12.7 for ground, in my opinion they made 8.0 -9.7 a compressed mess that ruined a large number of vehicles( AGAIN) and that entire BR is just not fun in any capacity to play atm .

edit: I am glad the lower tiers got some much needed decompression but they should have increased the max BR ceiling and moved everything up accordingly as well.

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No. Currently it is in a good state. Taking MiG-29SMT (RB 12.3) into GRB blocks you seeing Premium players 11.0 or below. Ka-50 is RB11.0 so there are positives. Decompress again when we have 12.7 aircrafts.

I think 12.3 was an unplanned last minute change. but I have heard rumours of rank 8, that I assume would at minimum include 12s maybe even 12.3s is being added this year.

can’t wait to fight T14 Armata in my 2A4 PL

Thats going to be a Br10.3 premium alongside the 2S38 anyway

That’d be a good one.

Seriously though, 15 would be good across the board and add in more random vehicles in the gaps… More SPAA/Light tanks, oddity fighters and bombers.

We could even end up with the old Hilux technicals we all know we want.