Do pylons affect aircraft performance and if so how drastically. They do irl but is it modelled in wt

So do pylons that no longer have a drop tank on them (or bombs or whatever was on that pylon (empty pylons)) affect aircraft performance. The question for asking this was whether taking external fuel tanks was worse than taking internal fuel because of the drag of the pylons after dropping the tanks

There is currently no drag from pylons in war thunder.

What about weight?

Also none. Only ordinance has weight.

Oh okay. Thanks!

It would be great if you add a source to that claim. Otherwise it is just an opinion.

At least in prop BRs external pylons add drag. Test a 190D-9 with max load, drop the 4 xSC 50 and the 1 x SC 500 and compare the top speed with a “clean” version. The clean version is faster…


There is actually drag and weight added on from pylons which is the reason why gaijin added the ability to jettison them. They even mentioned it in a Thunder Show video

So the jettison controls were switched on. But the pylons are still there indicating drag am I right?

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Yes they are, they are causing drag and have weight but it’s negligeble. Some pylons cannot be jettisoned,

Also fun fact, the oil your plane carries as well as ammo affect its weight. So if you get hit in the oil tank your plane will be lighter (or if you shoot your ammo off, etc)

Huh cool. I knew that had an affect irl, but not in game

So I blundered here. You can’t usually jettison pylons in a moderns jet here. Apologies for making an irrelevant threat. I knew all this just needed a reminder

You can jettison bomb pylons usually and rocket pods

You can jetting their ejector racks but not the pylon itself no?

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I think you can eject the pylon on some jets aswell

Currently in the game when you jettison fuel tanks on the f16 the pylons don’t come off. But they are supposed to fall with the fuel tanks according to this segment by NASA

Feel free to bug report it

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On the F-16 the pylons do jettison with the 370 Gal tanks as the pylon is an integral part of the tank design. This is due to the tank being developed for the F-22.

But is not the case with the 300 Gal or 600 Gal tanks where the pylons remain as the two are seperate items.