Do I have horrible RNG?

I’ve came to the conclusion I might just have bad RNG after all. Whenever I pick an aircraft with excellent guns I keep getting mere hits even on the most obviously one-pass kills like a stalled out or slow enemy, whenever i get missiles with IRCCM they get flared away from very up close, my radars keep losing track on clear skies, I keep eating objectively bad missiles after flaring with engines on half throttle even since i see an enemy nosing on me…

Well could you provide video clips instead of discussing abstract scenarios? That way others can determine if you are just unlucky or don’t know enough about the game.


i think i’ve explained well enough; i get my aim9m’s and magic 2s flared away point blank from a perfect rear aspect but I can’t flare magic 2s head on. I’ll try to get clips but most of my times windogs game bar just workn’t.

It does not matter how well you think you explained it. Discussing scenarios such as this is a waste of time as it is generally detached from reality in the first place.

Yes, if a magic 2 you launched from 0.5km is flared its horrible RNG. But 9 times out of 10, due to the pace of the game or tunnel vision, everyone tends to miss small details that are super obvious in hindsight (by reviewing clips).

Well there are a number of things you could be doing wrong, but its much harder to deduce that from text. Though as a general rule of thumb, AIM-9Ms are much better in mid ranges while Magic 2s and R-73 excel in closer ranges (especially the su-27 with HOBS R-73).

Consider using Nvidia shadowplay or the replay buffer feature in OBS. Both have very low overhead while allowing you to capture gameplay very conveniently.

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