Do "German" players not deserve to have a normal vehicle

There is an issue with PARS 3 locking, PUMA is placed at the end of the line, KF41 is not sent to German countries, L2/PSO is crazily castrated to not be as good as L2A5, Wiesel 1A2 only works well with TOW 2B (extremely low penetration depth), and now there are new bugs in Wiesel 1A2. Is the War Thunder Planning Team thinking of Germany dying?

Has the War Thunder production team noticed the unique mechanisms and bugs of the German genre? On the map of ‘Far North’, PARS 3 cannot lock in enemy helicopters and can almost only lock in ground vehicles on the island. Didn’t anyone mention this? On this map, Poison Sting sometimes cannot even lock onto fixed wings. In addition, PARS 3 needs to see almost the entire vehicle body in order to lock. Shooting the side of Pantsir-S1 with PARS 3 can only hit the engine and transmission structure.

When hitting the Tor-M1 behind the small slope, the car body above the wheels cannot be locked. (You can refer to the cloud video, my ID is Sunshine and Happy Little Pottery Mouse, time: 21/9/2023, map: Test Site-2271)

This disabled helicopter is “11.7”, and the War Thunder production team is really brainless.

PARS 3 has been experiencing problems for half a year now, and the user experience of PARS 3 is even getting worse. The number of Tiger owners is low, and no one has corrected PARS 3, right.

The system is weak, I admit it, there are few vehicles, I can bear it.

Do German players no longer have the most basic gaming experience? Is it necessary to make normal use a problem?

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