Do AIM-9Ms have inertial guidance irl?

I’m curious because I’ve heard people say that they do, but they seem too small to fit a gyroscope and I don’t see how else they could keep track of their position in space. It’s important to know if they do or not because they act like they have one in game. Basically, when they detect a flare, they’ll shut their seeker down for a fraction of a second, and then open it again and look for the target in it’s predicted path, and if it sees another flare it’ll blink again… etc. The issue is that in game, even if you get it to “blink” three, four times in a row, the 9M has no drift whatsoever and will instantly “guess” your location with perfect accuracy unless you pull a perpendicular maneuver. That seems impossible if it doesn’t have some form of inertial guidance, but I could be wrong.

Does anyone have any good articles on it?

That is an inertia track. It uses the targets last known inertia and continues with that manoeuvre. It doesn’t have IOG(INS) it’s not that kinda of inertia tracking.