Do 24 T-3 (with Mk 101)

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I would like to suggest the Do 24 T-3 armed with 2x Mg 131 and 1x Mk 101, the Do 24 T-3 would offer greater mobility than the Bv 138 C-1 and have greater firepower against bombers and Groundtargets acting like a early gunship and shooting at ground targets from range while flying past the fighting field, which the Mk 101 allows duo to its power.

Flown first time in 1937 the Do 24 was build originally for the Nether, however with the outbreak of WW2, all went into german service.
It was a contester to Blohm & Voss Bv 138 and had the same requirements placed by the Reichsluftfahrtministerium (RLM), which asked for a high sea capable High range reconnaissance Boat plane, going all the way back to 1934. With first full Mock up in 1936/37 and first prototype of the V1 series in December 1937. Overall the RLM had a tendency more to Bv, which in the end in September 1937 allready won, as such there wasnt any great interest in the Do 24 anymore anyway.
But development continued as it pooved itself to be a good plane. It was even till the 1970s in service and even today a modernisied Do 24 ATT is still flying.

With different versions, going from K-1, K-2, N to the T Series, which is the most produced and most developed series. While there were T-1 - T-3, they were overall very similar, with the biggest difference beeing the armarment.
The T-3 was however most produced and had the most interesting armarment available, the Mk 101, while the T-1 was armed with 2x Mg 15 and 1x Hs 404 from captured stock with 11 produced, the T-2 allready recived 2x Mg 131 and 1x Mg 151, the T-3 had 2x Mg 131 and some with Mk 101 instead of the Mg 151. (Another source also mentions an armarment of 1x Mg 15, 1x Mg 151 and 1x Mk 101)

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The Do 24 T-3
Weight: 18.400 kg
Length: 21,95m
Wingspan: 27,27m
Height: 5,75m
Crew: 6
Engines: 3x BMW-Bramo 323 R-2 engines with 1000 PS each
Max Speed: 340 km/h at 3000m
Range: 2900 km
Max Height: 5900m
Either 2x Mg 131 and 1x Mk 101 or 1x Mg 15 (front), 1x Mk 101 (mid) and 1x Mg 151 (back)

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