DMM account issue/ Digital serfhood(?)

Greetings, comrades!
I’m a foreigner who lives and works in Japan(gaijin) and I have to use the local DMM service wich is only one option in Japan if you want to buy something in Gaijin Store.

Under some reasons I needed to unlink my DMM account from Gaijin account, I didn’t found how to do this stuff, so I decided just to delete my DMM and than as I supposed it should be automatically unlinked, but it didn’t.

I wrote to Gaijin support, they said that DMM knows the way better, so I wrote to them(DMM)
But they are ignoring me.

In addition, I found weird description about “Terms of us” or something like that

Is not this an oppressing policy against customer? I mean that people should have a choice = Use or not, quickly and easy quit, unpair the linked account.

In general, now I have a very stupid situation :

  1. My deleted DMM account still exists somewhere in logs, and I can not buy stuff from Gaijin store
  2. I created the second account in hope that I could sent the gift myself = No, bcs in some reasons Store tells me that my main and spare account using “different currencies” , but they both paired with DMM and using JPY as a default payment
  3. DMM tech support ignoring me and ask stupid questions
  4. My account is semi-invalid, I have no opportunity to buy premium packs(IN NEW YEAR SALES)
    I’m not a poor man, but I can not spend money in this game even I wish it
  5. I’m not the only one exception, there are much more people who struggle

If you have any kind of suggestion, I will be glad to read it,
Happy New Year in advance.