Dissapearing RP in swedish tech tree aviation

Hello everyone!

I have been playing the swedish line and sadly my silver lions haven’t been able to keep up with my RP. I have researched ALL the vehicles up to rank VI and the problem is that I don’t have enough money to buy the rank VI vehicles, thus I cannot research the rank VII and I am afraid that my RP is dissapearing. Please, does anyone know if my RP is being retained? or do I have to grind for silver lions now if I dont want to keep losing RP?.

PD: bellow there is a picture of my tech tree to get a better understanging

I believe there is an RP deduction for using TT vehicles 2 ranks below the vehicle you are researching, and it only gets worse the more ranks between the vehicle being researched and the vehicle used in match. As for SL I don’t know if there is a reduction. Oh also that screenshot tells us that you can buy those vehicles in rank VI. Try buying one of those then researching the next vehicle in line.

You currently lose the RP, you need to unlock the next rank first.

What do you mean by this?

There is nothing he can research atm. He needs to “unred” the next rank.

So basically if I don’t buy all of the vehicles I will be losing RP each time that I play with the J29F?

Ahh okay, that’s what you mean. Yeah he does, I said that too

No, just buy at least one then start researching the next vehicle in line

I dont know if you can see from the pic but basically I have to buy all vehicles in rank VI if I want to research the next and that is well over a million lol.

Ahhhh, you are right. Well then yes you will lose RP everytime then. Sorry to hear this

You have to buy all to research further.

Damn, so I guess of the RP I made so far was lost because I didn’t have anything to research. They should really make a system where you “save” your RP in case something like this happens or at least convert some RP to silver lions…

They have convertible RP, but that requires you to use GE to convert. But yeah a system to save RP would be nice, but I don’t see this ever happening

They have made a system that makes you save SL, so you can use your RP. :-)