Disparity in price and contents

I was interested in buying the package with the TU-1, I was just comparing the prices and what was included in the package.
except that I realized that the package with the mustang contains 2000 golend eagles instead of the 1000 of the higher priced TU-1 package. I wish they would fix it by giving him 2000.
but I imagine that rather than updating a package the gaijin is eating its hands…

WT prezzi

Inflation basically.

The mustang pack is over 10 years old (from 2013!), and gaijin does not change the price of existing packs.

So the Tu-1 pack despite being the same rank will have considerably worse value.

30 euros in 2013 is worth 38.5 now. They’ve cut 3.5 euros off in exchange for much worse bonuses.

Tho, the Tu-1 is also randomly 5 euros more expensive, cause the newer Israeli Spitfire is still 30 euros like the Mustang.

Edit again:

Oh right, the Tu-1 was from 2021. Honestly it’s just a horrendous value pack.

30 euros then was 32.9 (holy shit wtf was inflation in the past 3 years)