Disk read/write error

Running launcher on linux standalone returns “Disk read/write error” for a file “/war_thunder/cef_packs.zip”

The file does not in fact exist in the specified directory!

The game was working a few days ago.
Looking though old topics there seems to be some similar stuff from 2016/17 relating to windows and antivirus specifically that’s definitely not an issue here.
The prompt tries to verify game file but fails with the same error again.

The forum doesn’t seem to allow for .txt files so here’s a zipped launcher log
launcher_log.zip (13.2 KB)

Having a quick skim though mentions of the problematic file it just seems to get skipped…

Thanks for all help in advance! :)

After some staring at a wall, I realized some of the files are root owned for some magical reason deleting them fixed the issue…