(Discussion/Suggestions) The United States' Bravy, the USS Gyatt (DDG-1, Formerly DD-712) + future missile ships n' such

Hello! I’m new to the forum and this is my first post (Of course it’s a suggestion) [:)].

(I’ll put this in suggestions when it opens up or something, idk)

As the Bravy is now in game, it’s only fair to add other countries “first” missile-carrying ships , one of the ships I’m most excited to see being the US’ own Bravy, the USS Gyatt, a modified Gearing-Class Destroyer, the first DDG.

Survivability and Armour:

                              front /   side   / back

Main fire tower: 3 mm / 3 mm / 3 mm
Hull: 16 mm (steel)
Superstructure: 4 mm (steel)
Number of Sections: 7
Displacement: 2,425 t
Crew: 336

Generally the same as a standard Gearing-Class Destroyer.

forward / back
Speed: 65 / 31 km/h

Armament (DDG-1 Conversion):

Primary Armament:
2x Turrets - twin 5"/38 (127 mm) Mk. 12 dual purpose guns, Mount Mk. 38

  • Ammunition: 720 rounds (AP, SP, SAP, Common, HE, HE-VT)
  • Firing Angles: -15° / 85°

Secondary Armament:
1 × twin arm Terrier SAM missile launcher

  • Ammunition: 218 lb (99 kg) RIM-2 (A-F) controlled-fragmentation or 1kT W45 nuclear warhead
    • Fuel: Solid Rocket Fuel
    • Operational Range: 32.0 km
    • Flight Ceiling: 24,000 m
    • Max Speed: Mach 3.0
  • Guidance System:
    • Semi-Active Radar Homing: RIM-2 (E&F)
    • Beam-Riding: RIM-2 (A-D)

Additional Armament:
2 × triple 12.75 in (324 mm) anti-submarine torpedo tubes

Anti-Air Armament:
2 × twin 3"/50 (76 mm) mk. 22 AA guns

  • Ammunition: (AP, HE, HE-VT)
  • Firing Angles: -10° / 85°
  • Fire Rate: 45 - 55 rpm (with autoloader)

Usage in Battles:
Although still packing a significant armament with it’s main guns, it’s better to remain away from the frontline and to take advantage of your missiles, assaulting with your guns when in close quarters or have run out. It is important to consider that as well as having the strengths of a Gearing (Speed, Armament, etc.), It also carries the weaknesses.


  • Very powerful armament
  • Large crew similar to standard Gearing
  • Good armour
  • Good Speed
  • Is cool AF


  • Is disadvantaged in Gun-Gun engagements
  • Large missile Magazine
  • Poor AA compliment
  • Can be easily destroyed by magazine hit

Before being a missile-carrying destroyer, the USS Gyatt (DD-712) was a Gearing-Class Destroyer built by the Federal Shipbuilding and Drydock Company in Kearny, New Jersey, her funding sponsored by Mrs. Hilda Morrell, the mother of Private Edward E. Gyatt, the ship’s namesake, being laid down on September 7, 1944 and launched on April 15, 1945.

Commissioned 3 months after her launch on July 2, the name “Gyatt” was chosen to honor the Marine Raider of her namesake who died at the battle of Guadalcanal. She was too late to see action in WWII, serving in training exercises and coastal patrols along the east coast. In 1947, she served as a goodwill and diplomatic ship on several occasions to Uruguay, Trinidad, and Brazil, and in November of the same year though till March of 1948 she went on several deployments with the USN’s Sixth Fleet to Northern Europe and the Mediterranean.

On September 26,1955, USS Gyatt entered the Boston Naval Shipyard, being temporarily being decommissioned on October 31st to undergo her conversion into the World’s first Guided-Missile Destroyer, seeing her aft 3-inch turret be replaced by a Twin Terrier Guided-Missile Launcher. In addition to the launchers, she received the USN’s new Denny-Brown stabilization system, seeing two 45 square foot retractable fins being installed below the waterline at her midships. She was recommissioned on December 3, 1956 as DDG-712, however her hull number would be changed to DDG-1 in 1957 in recognition of her pioneering position.

Following her recommissioning in 1956, USS Gyatt would see three years of extensive testing and evaluation along the east coast before being deployed again with the 6th fleet on January 28, 1960, participating in fleet readiness and training exercises. The USS Gyatt would serve for a short time in NASA’s Mercury Project in nose-cone recovery before again being redeployed with the 6th fleet in the Mediterranean during the Berlin Crisis in 1961.

The USS Gyatt entered the Charleston Naval Shipyard on June 29, 1962 for an overhaul that saw the removal of her missile system and the installation of newly developed equipment, as she was to enter specialized service with the Operational Test and Evaluation Force. Her classification was reverted back to conventional destroyer DD-712 on October 1, 1962, her preparations completed by January 1, 1963 when Gyatt arrived in Norfolk to continue experimental work from 1963 to 1964. Gyatt continued to operate along the East coast and into the Caribbean into 1967. She performed patrol and ASW duties as well as training sailors in guided missile destroyer tactics, being especially active in testing and evaluating new equipment and helping to improve the efficiency and modernity of the Navy.

The USS Gyatt was eventually transferred to the Select Reserve and switched homeports to Washington, D.C. in 1968, and after being stricken on October 22, 1969, the USS Gyatt was sadly sunk as a target off Virginia on 11 June 1970.

Phew! Now that we’re done with that, lets consider what I see as potential candidates for other country’s missile destroyers to be added into the game!

(Also note that more than likely a LOT of things will need to be tweaked for the USS Gyatt to be added.)

Germany - Lütjens-Class Destroyer, Rommel (D187)

Great Britain - Bristol-Class Destroyer, HMS Bristol (D23)

Italy - Impavadio-Class Destroyer, Impavadio (D370)

Japan - Amatsukaze-Class Destroyer, JDS Amatsukaze (DDG-163)

France - Suffren-Class Frigate, Suffren (D602)

*China - Type-51 Destroyer, Xi’an (106)

*Sweden - Halland-Class Destroyer, HSwMS Småland (J19)

*Israel - Sa’ar 2-class missile boat

(*) - I’m not sure about these ones being added for many reasons, whether the country doesn’t have a navy, or the is too little research for me to find.

Whelp… That’s it!

I hope I didn’t bore y’all to death with my suggestion and I am excited to see the future of naval where ship missiles begin to fill a niche of their own, and countermeasures designed for them! Maybe we’ll see ships begin to carry chaff, flares, decoys, and even some CIWS!

Well what do you think? Are you looking forward to it? Or am I delusional and should go back to COD? Discuss it below!

Aight that’s all I got for now, peace out ✌️


I don’t think two 5’'/38 Mark 12 twin turret is ‘weak’ in gun-gun engagements. But yeah, as Bravy coming, other countries would get missile destroyers later, and US Navy would be the one with largest number.

And for Chinese Navy, Gaijin answered few years ago in QnA that they have a plan for Chinese Navy so it would come out eventually

A logical choice since its from a similar time period. Another that would be pretty balanced would be the Haruna class since all it would have is sea sparrow sam.

Not going to lie i thought he said DD tank. I was about to say a floating tank in naval?

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Very true, I’ll change that. I was mainly looking simply at gun ratios compared to other ships at the time, as well as the fact at it’s BR it’s likely to encounter cruisers outclassing it, so while yes I probably have over-exaggerated the detriment of losing it’s aft gun, I still believe its still disadvantaged as well as losing a good chunk of it’s torpedoes and should avoid gun engagements.

Thanks for the feedback!

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They also added a PRC flag texture to the CDK section which holds the textures for the animated ones which fly from ship masts:

It 's not much. But it 's more naval assets ingame than the French had until a few months ago ( absolutely none ! ).

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One can hope for it soon! I hope it doesn’t end up just sitting in the files in purgatory!


New Naval voicelines suggest more advanced AShM 's are on the way: https://youtu.be/d34j1NpUY6s?t=675

Of particular interest is the one for when the AShM itself locks onto the player 's vessel, and how there are separate lines for launching a naval missile and launching a naval surface-to-air missile.

A recent leak from a reliable source had indicated the Ki-48/Ki-148 and LOSAT would be coming, also states that the guided missile destroyer BAP Ferre is on it 's way

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Exocet for the Albatros Schnellboot?

It’ll happen, since it 's had those modelled internally since introduction( Bussard got them too ):

Whether it’ll have them activated before a larger ship type w/ equivalent weapons is implemented is harder to predict.


New naval missile discoveries in the files:
( Unused assets in War Thunder )

Strela-3 was almost implemented to the Pr.12412P in update " Sky Guardians ", but the missile did not exist at the time of devserver - it had used HN-6 as placeholder

However, a naval Strela-2 was added to the Germany section of the files during that time, along w/ textures for associated launcher

9M330 is an early-model of the Tor SAM, in naval use it equipped large soviet surface combatants of the mid/late eighties, incl. the currently ingame Pr.1143.4 Baku - though that ship does not currently have the weapon 's launchers modelled. Instead, she has the launch tubes for the magnitudes-more-powerful P-500 already prepped on the model
@LtCol-RedFox Baku mentioned

W/ this new discovery, maybe it 's safe to start discussing VLS in relation to WT NF now.

Here 's how it looks in the asset viewer now:

And these are the launch cells for it on Baku, 24 of them in total each w/ 8x missiles loaded

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