Discussion on ZTZ99A model errors in game

I use the method of creating videos to attract attention to issues
some people may not have a good level of English, but they know what “agree” means, so ctrl+c, ctrl+v


Couldn’t agree more. This is serious.

It’s very simple
Just follow the proofs players sent and fix it.
Than you will gain more people playing this game.
No harmful to the game, why Gaijin just don’t do it but prefer to improve Sweden and Japan’s vehicles ?
Making Sweden and Japan’s vehicles so OP really good to this game ?
I don’t think so.

I believe Jap/Swed already gain 70% win rate in this game.
Everyone who played this game these days should have this bad experience.
Why Gaijin just make things unbalanced ?

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Thanks for your dedication!
I agree!

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Gaijin needs to pay attention to this issue, otherwise we will lose 40% of war thunder players.
I can already imagine that thousands of chinese players are ready to declare war on gaijin
I can‘t wait, we need a revolution lmao
by the way, I just hope that Gaijin company can increase the salaries of its employees by 10%. We need more personal time to spend with our families.
peace and love


はい thats true


i agree


I completely agree. If gaijin cannot correct this, please do not continue to release new tanks. Gaijin should first implement the bugs and suggestions raised by each player, rather than constantly stuffing new tanks into the already bloated technology tree.


That is what we want the ZTZ99A and WZ1001(E) changed to be. Thanks for this issue, and hope it will be adapted soon in the game.


FY-1D1 problem at the top of 99A tank plus


When can we see this in the game? For gaijin, it’s just a matter of creating a text, but the efficiency is so low
New APFSDS DTC-10E/S should be added into Chinese MBT // Gaijin.net // Issues


Never you will see badly modeled Russian tanks or reports on them in the game. Developers would have a sudden urge to accidentally fall out of the window .

When it comes to non-Russian stuff in the game. It’s just badly modeled most of the time and frankly they don’t care as it seems .


They really just need to fix the turret ring which was bug reported and acknowledged.



new issues :
BUG occurred in ERP data at the top of turret 99A
BUG occurred in ERP data at the top of turret 99A. // Gaijin.net // Issues

(40% of war thunder players) lol

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I love the detailed explanations you made to save 99A, however I remain pessimistic on whether Gaijin will adopt these changes. Even if they do, the reload time and the DTC10 will still be left unfixed. They’re arrogant and stubborn.
The Chinese top tier MBTs have been suffering from many historical inaccuracies thanks to a variety of causes, the way how Gaijin accepts/ignores evidence submitted by us being heart of the problem.

The moderators have been requesting accurate data from issue submitters, which we all know is impossible given how PLA keeps pretty much everything confidential. This gives Gaijin a “righteous” reason to reject both issues citing a relatively unreliable source, and issues containing files they render as “classified”.
Meanwhile, they never requested evidence proving that there exists a loader who’s able to maintain a 5s reload time, when they decided to buff Abrams. Why? Because USA top tiers are at a 40-% win rate, and they need newbies to buy click-bait.

The only way to let Gaijin acknowledge their fault is to organize a massive protest. No matter what they think about the issues you post, it’s the money that they’re ultimately responsible to.
Let them know the urgency of the matter, and they’ll offer us a minimized lower frontal plate, a 6s reload, a real DTC10, and maybe even FY2s on the side of the VT4. It’s them who will be looking for documents themselves, not us.




Keep up the visibility. Keep posting everyday to keep this topic on top.

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