Discussion of Potential Finnish and Swedish ground vehicles

Players that like realism would absolutely despise it.

That is not a great argument since all vehicles that are ingame that are armed exclusively with the 14.5mm’s are equipped with at least 2 of them and have significantly greater gun elevation which the BTR-80 has neither.

i.e something like the BTR-152’s though their BR rating is not perfect for a historical accuracy point of view is way better than the BTR-80 with more of a purpose and role as SPAA’s (BTR-152’s are a late 1940’s design while the BTR-80 is a late 1970’s design)

More unique tanks is always great. But first Gaijin should give Finnish T-34 and Charioteer unique look.
Finland used Charioteer Mk VII Model B that had 20pdr with bore evacuator making it different looking then one in British tree and T-34 could get the Finnish pepper pot muzzle brake.


How about T-34-76 model 1943?

Finland could also have one of their T-26s with additional armor.

This one is similar to the Soviet premium, but the extra plates are bolted and the driver’s port also has one.


Here is a photo of an up-armored T-26 flamethrower variant. In one book there is a photo of probably this exact same vehicle, but with the flamethrower switched to a gun. It would be pretty much the same as the normal up-armored T-26, but turret on the right side of the hull.


You also posted picture of potential unique T-50 premium.
That one is still in Parola and has 40+15mm Front armor making really close to armor value of T-34 STZ.

Of course some people will just say that it’s just another captured vehicle and should be in USSR tree.
Then you realize that there is no reason to add vehicles to already crowded trees like US,USSR and Germany. These vehicles when added to minor nations get played while when added to big nations just collect dust. Good examples being M4 Hybrid that sees lots of use in Italian lineups.

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There is already a suggestion about that up-armored T-50 called Niki. She is currently in Parola Armour Museum and it was recently confirmed that the plates are 37+14mm. So far we haven’t had photos of Soviets up-armoring their T-50s and it’s possible the Finns up-armored it themselves. Not lose for Soviet tree, since they already have T-126 and could get T-127. Even the Kirov T-50 prototype is a possibility.

Here is that OT-133 with additional armour and 45mm gun.

Not operated by Sweden/Finland, but since it seems like Norwegian vehicles are going to the Swedish tree I figured the NM-116 could be neat event vehicle. It’s pretty much a modernized M24 with a 90mm main cannon, coaxial and roof mounted 50cals, thermals, laser range finder, smoke grenades, and an strv-103 engine.
General info: NM-116 Panserjager - Tank Encyclopedia (tanks-encyclopedia.com)


How about stabilizer?

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Lack of space meant gyrostabilizer had to be removed.

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I wrote suggestion about KV-1A and Ford truck with twin 20 ITK 40 VKT, but they are still waiting for moderators to check them. I also thought about Finnish BT-3, BT-5 and BT-7, but I guess those don’t fit that well as there isn’t much uniqueness and only a few were used for very short time.

Their armored cars remained in use quite long. Perhaps one of those?



This would certainly fit well as a Cold War era premium. It’s a T-55M with most likely MEXAS kit on it.


122 PsH 74 is a Finish 2S1 that could be a neat addition to the TT.

File:122 PSH 74.jpg. (2023, March 23). Wikimedia Commons . Retrieved 00:47, December 24, 2023 from File:122 PSH 74.jpg - Wikimedia Commons.


I didnt know about this Topic, so i post this here again, i got this Photo of a uparmored Finnish T-26


I’m tinkering with a suggestion for the Bofors Trinity system on the Mowag Shark 8x8 at the moment.

Could be a nice addition between the ZSU-57-2 and VEAK 40.


I would Love this thing!!

Should go to independent Swiss tree

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Dam that’s a crazy upgrade. I thought the Chilean M24 HVMS was the best a Chaffee could get! What BR? 7.7/8.0?

Since there isn’t one yet, Sweden is the only choice for now. I think Canada evaluated it but it would be hard to add it for them as it would just end up in the US TT and that’s too far removed IMHO.

Sweden has enough vehicles left that could fulfill any SPAA desires, so I don’t think a Swiss vehicle is a necessity.

Why would adding it in the Swedish TT exclude it from a future Swiss TT? One does not exclude the other. And of all those vehicles that could fulfill “any SPAA desires”, this is one of them, which I want to suggest due to how interesting it is and that it fills a gap.

BTW, the turret is of Swedish design and was tested in Sweden. That makes a pretty good case for it being added to Sweden.