[Discussion] Improving Naval!

Well… take it as my personal thought regarding this.

Aiming distance ( the distance where your AA or secondary weapon start to shoot) depends by the type of weapon itself.

12.7mm AA start firing at 2km
40mm boforos start firing between 4 and 5 km.

If you manually select a target to shoot for you secondary and AA, they start firing only when target are in range.

This is not affected at all by crew skills (as I understand…), thus, aiming precision is, so upgrading crew skills will help a lot.

I still haven’t understood what kind of impact has crew skill regarding to target spotting distances (air and ground… torpedoes are clear…)

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Torpedos on Coastal Vessels in RB :

Ihmo they are designed for Bluewater Ships or slow Coastals, e.g.like Frigates or Gunships

Some Pro Tips in case you will research higher tiers :

Check the depth setting of the torpedos before joining a battle, up to early Destroves around BR.3,7 1m is ok above that you should go to 4 m. Keep in mind, when you choose 4m they will always not explode at Small boats like Torpedo Boats but can even sink a BB. One (rare) exception : If a PT boat is sitting near the shore line, you can hit it, because the Torpedo will explode at the shore and destroy the PT-Boat

If you want to be most effective on BBs and BCs check out the TNT filler of the torpedos, the Japanese PT15 and the US PTs have the most TNT, for a Light Cruiser one of these is enough, for other nations you might need 2…3 torpedos hits.

Ihmo the most fun are sneaky torpedo attacks on Cruisers and BBs, If you reach this level ask again, the forum can give you some more advice.


A Move in the Right Direction!
In the update Sons of Attila, we got a new kind of damage model for ships!


Unrepairable hull breaches:

  • Each compartment of a ship can be destroyed to the point where it is now impossible to fix the hull breach and pump water out of it. This type of destruction depends on the size of the ship, and the damage that has been taken. For example, a destroyer’s compartment will be destroyed if it takes damage roughly equal to that of a torpedo with 200-250 kg of TNT, or if hit by HE shells with the same mass of explosives. The compartments of larger ships may take more damage, depending on their size and ship class.
  • If a compartment of a ship is destroyed, then the ability to activate survivability control — repairing and water pumping — is disabled for that compartment. For other compartments not destroyed, repairing and water pumping still works.
  • If a compartment of a ship is destroyed while water is being pumped out, the pumping is interrupted and the compartment begins to flood.
  • Once the destroyed compartment is entirely flooded, the counter-flooding system is activated. This means water is diverted between compartment rooms, from one side to the other, to help straighten the ship’s balance. This causes the ship’s weight to increase in the process, which further causes submerging resulting in changes to its trim.
  • For ships of the already mentioned classes, we have added a restriction as to the type of caliber of shells and explosive force that can cause a breach below the waterline. Therefore, hits from autocannons and small caliber shells will not cause a breach.
  • A text warning will alert you when there is an unrepairable breach. You can also look at a destroyed compartment on the ship’s damage model and by viewing its x-ray in third person mode (Pressing the “O” button on keyboard). A fully flooded, and destroyed compartment is displayed on the ship’s damage model — such a compartment has a black outline and blue fill.
  • The starting of a countersinking operation will be announced by a voice over: the ship commander will give the command to straighten the ship’s balance.

This change means that the defeat condition should be less influenced by Crew Loss (by any other name, hit points) and more by the ship’s seaworthiness and watertight compartments! Superficially, this is a good change but I’ll have to see how it’s handled in-game to have any further feedback.


A good leap in the right direction for the naval damage-model indeed. I was surprised yesterday by the warning you just mentioned :). Let´s see in more battles how things work. Fair winds, Fleur

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Also, can torpedoes, depth charges and mines be detonated on ships decks by shooting at them now?

I think that´s possible since a long time. But yes, they definitely can detonate under fire. Choose wisely if mines are a viable threat for the enemy or for yourself :).

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In test sail there are only torpedoes on dummy ships and those only disappear when shot, not detonate.

I’m pretty sure the risk of detonation that comes from torpedo/depth charge being set ablaze has been a thing since early on, but if not, there’s a very real chance of them being a problem now! I’ll see if I can test it somehow.


They should implement the ability to change target ships in Test Sail


Specifically the BB’s, that would be nice

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The torpedo spotting distance needs to be depending on at least type of the ship, ideally the height at which the fire director is at. It’s plain silly that dinky torpedo boats can spot a torpedo from the same distance that a cruiser does. A torpedo boat can turn on a dime and is a tiny target while many cruisers are like floating bricks.

There are too many bots at higher level Naval matches. Killing them does give a small reward while these things can snipe you out of the sky from 6 km. It’s not really fair, especially when you have a bombing task that needs to be done.

There needs to be a bigger separation between destroyers and cruisers. Fighting 5.7 cruisers with your 9 km range torpedoes just doesn’t make any sense. Too many uptier matches are killing any fun that was left in this game. I really don’t enjoy facing 5.7-6.0 BR cruisers with my 5.0 destroyer. On top of that I get so many of these “circle of death” maps, it’s crazy. What am I supposed to do with my short range torpedoes?
Given that cruisers start at 4.7 already, at least the whole stack (starting with BR 5.3) needs to be moved up by 0.3 BR to decompress the destroyers. Facing a whole wall of cruisers with your destroyer is not fun and does not make any sense. I very often dread clicking that “To Battle” button. These constant uptiers got very old by now. The thing is 2 years ago I didn’t face so many cruisers. Used to get many more kills and had fun facing other destroyers. Now I get many matches that I die quickly and hardly get any kills. By all of this, my income got nerfed. The fun is gone.


Honestly, there’s only one thing they need to fix. If they do, we can talk about other stuff. If they don’t, none of the other stuff matters.


Honestly this would be beneficial in all game modes. Yeah, there’s armor protection analysis but I don’t think it takes into the account of the angle of shell drop and just think you are hitting things straight on from the given distance away.

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Torpedo spotting distance being determined by fire director height is a pretty great idea!

Yep, the transitional BRs are far from ideal, and you will face the very same problem when you are a 6.0 cruiser and forced to meet all the battleships (which is why the current event armored cruiser “battlecruiser” is pretty much dead on arrival).


Ihmo the reason for the constant uptiering + death circle maps are the botters which mostly use BR 6.0 Premium Cruisers and they surely have all favoured this circle open water maps because their scripts work best here.

And as @Bruce_R1 pointed out this has to be solved before anything else.

Btw : Because of the constant uptiering I only play BR7.0 naval


Here is an idea, fix the servers that have been broken on naval for a while now so entire matches don’t abruptly end constantly.


This. Absolutely this. Nothing else matters while naval servers are as flaky as they are. Last time I streamed naval I tried to play three games. Two of them ended up with server failures. Much as I want naval to succeed I can’t make a good argument for it when I can’t even have consistent matches.

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It was actually fun last night to see the return of the 3.3 Kerchbots. Having them come back meant I could finally see a downtier playing 4.3.

Don’t underestimate the giant number of botted Frank Knoxes and Moffetts (and more recently Yubaris), sucking everything else up to 4.7-5.0 in RB this last week. Had some just crazy “I’m the only human here aren’t I?” matches last night. I’m quite confident there are many many purely botted matches that no one ever sees to complain about.


I’ve noticed [when I’m able to actually play] that the bot numbers seem to be lower than before. Particularly in the Moffett/Knox range, which has always been the place where you saw the most of them. Maybe some of those steps Gaijin took to get rid of them are working. :)

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Sorry but this is absolutely not true this week.

I’d even go so far as to say: the company is if anything underestimating the sheer residual anger that is produced when you see other people afk-grinding while you are putting in endless hours for a vehicle coupon or two during events like this. Watching the cheaters literally all around you, earning the same points you are while literally doing anything else sticks with you. I’ve seen it be THE major factor in many people leaving this game for extended periods, if not for good.