Discussion about a possible addition of BMPT

If in a near future BMPT is added will this be any good for users?

I think no, well, based on videos with this vehicle in combat doesn’t seems really to do the task of some kind of support in game same as in the footages.

The only part I think is well armored is the chassis, the turret is the most vulnerable part in the vehicle like most unmanned turrets, no really protection armor just structural.

If we get this as a event will surely be interesting of using such cool vehicle, as a premium I don’t think that it’ll be bought in a situation of creating a vehicle spam just like we got when some premium metas was added. As tech tree vehicle I don’t see begin too used, probably most as a secondary of the secondary vehicle in line up.

T-72/T-90 platform isn’t that mobile at lower speeds which is something that most happen in closed combat maps like Alaska, American Desert or Sweden, in larger maps like Fields of Poland or Maginot Line this thing will be a free target if doesn’t find cover before someone take place in some sniping spot. Unless it has the ATGM launcher and 3UBR11 in its dual 2A42.

But only as a support vehicle. But also, since it is War Thunder, probably someone would make it to the 1st in leader board with only this one.