DirectX 10 error

Yesterday I played WT with no issues. i turned my laptop on later that day tried to boot up war thunder and I was met with the DirectX10 or Higher error. I was able to start the game no problem without EAC enabled. I assume its an EAC issue but not sure how to fix

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I should probably also point out I’ve tried adding it to the anti virus exclusion list, reinstalled gpu drivers, reinstalled the game, verified files and attempted to repair EAC but don’t know what else to do

Same here just five minutes ago, i ran sfc /scannow, validated the game files installed all updates for windows and reinstalled directx at, and that seems to have fixed the problem so far, can boot it up and play it fine, Tell me if this helps or not

I have tried your method to fix the problem, but it didn’t work. Any other ideas on what could be happening?

For some reason today, I got this error and even though the internet says that war thunder doesn’t run on DirectX and my DriectX is version 12, plus I had the files checked, it still doesn’t want to run. I’m also running on windows 11 if that helps.

How can I fix this issue?