Different types of camera shake

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I’d love to see different types of camera shakes. Right now we have only one, Camera Shake with a value from 0 to 100.
It shakes the camera every time you (or someone else) shoot a weapon, something explodes near you, you enable WEP/Afterburner and other stuff I’m probably missing. I can’t choose what affects it.
So I suggest more sliders. Be it in two forms:

Like sound settings:

  • General Shake
  • Explosion Shake
  • Interior firing Shake
  • Exterior firing Shake

Or just a separate slider for each without a general slider that affects all of them.

My idea comes from my Experience. I love the camera shake when shooting my weapons, it gives the sense of power on my tanks. But I hate to use afterburner and my camera gets shaky so I can’t get a comfortable view of my target or surroundings in my jet.
Thanks for reading!


This will add extra fun to the game, would like to see some dirt/mud splashes on screen on bomb explosions on ground as well.