Different standards to approve bugs on russian and every other vehicle

I mean I love the game and really enjoy playing it, but when I see that for T-90M Spall liner gets a bug approval and the source is a screenshot of a video older than the tank itself makes me question the future of this game, meanwhile a USA bug report that includes government approved declassified documents gets rejected because it isn’t valid.

I understand that you can’t see everything and do everything perfectly, but I would like to know the reason for this.


Russian patriotism


Me and another long time player are starting up a discord to try to address these issues.

Here’s the link: WT-USA Research Group

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The T-90M bug report was accepted under the same standards as every other spall liner bug report.
There are no differences.

So what that Leopard 2, etc spall liner bug reports were approved fast?
Spall liners are easier to see & provide evidence for than armor values.


Honestly this is disgrace for everyone.

Russian bias is present in game. We can see this.
Yak 141 treated better than mirage 4000.
Spall liners only for one nation, while there is much more.
All russian MBT has secret non visible armor around carousel (you can test it by shooting apfsds or heat armor at side of the russian MBT. You will see 3 to 4 armor penetrations while there should be only main armor and side skirt).
Best jet in game, easiest to play? Russian.
Best SPAA? Russian
Best Tank? Russian
Best Heli? surprise surprise. Russian.

So maybe APFSDS will be different story?
USA - M829A2 from 1994
France - OFL 120 F1 from 1994
Russia? SVINETS from 2016
BVM entered service in 2018
SMT in 2006
F16C block 50? 1996
Tornado F3 1989
Harrier GR.7 1994
Viggen 37D 1993-1998
Best missile in game? Russian R27ER

Russian bias is real. We know it, you know it. So stop acting like it’s not big of a deal.

We are trying to help you for free, and you’re basically spitting in our faces with this nonsense.


Preach the truth brother!


Don’t forget that Leopard turret was floating above the hull for years and could be penned by everything.
Abrams/Leopard/Leclerc cross-sections armour produce more spall than main armour itself while fuel tanks on T tanks soak 600mm rod with ease.
Magic ERA that works struck even 90 degress.
Non anti era shells for western.
SU-25K, 2S38, KA-52 and Turms spam with 11.0 shell and gen 2 thermals.
3BM42 in every T tank that they have while Abrams still doesn’t have M833 and Leopard 2A4 without better hull nor DM33.
Now T-90M with spallliner from 2077. Ehh I came back from a long pause from WT but bias is still there haha

That is interesting actually


The f16 c in game is from the 2000s as well due to the hms

We are getting in this update the challenger 3 and 2a7, we also aready had just as “modern” tanks like type10

They have alredy stated that other tanks will recive spall liners

Was a bug from the dev server, was already fixed btw.

Just gonna highlight the state of the chally 2 as an example of double standards.

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It was decided that reports regarding spall liners will have less requirements for now, videos are valid in this case.
It is the same treatment for every tank, other reports with this kind of sources about spall liners are also being forwarded.

The developers will decide after reviewing the reports




Yeah, so what? He closed one topic about russian tank, because the proof was a video (even tho it was about different version).

And then interfleet accepted another bug report with only video as a source, also regarding T90M.
Even tho the video itself was from ROSOBORONEXPORT. Who do you want to fool?

We are looking at your hands alll the time.

So firstly you need to BE CONSISTENT IN YOUR ACTIONS.
You as a company added Yak141 in WHAT IF configuration, then you need to do the same with Mirage 4000.
You need to be consistent in submitted bug reports, and let other people talk in them, because right now you are closing it under a minute sometimes (especially that ZZ guy).
This one picture does not prove anything.


Ok , but quick explanation how does that work with a video from 9 years ago, from not even an official production vehicle?

Please read what I said, the bug was closed because the video has issues not for being a video.

Is just an update on the bug report.

What do you mean?

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We are happy that you will accept bug reports about spall liners with different approach, as most of those spall liners are either skipped or simply classified still (Sepv2 has everything about it’s armor classified).
You should be more open about it tho. Noone who didn’t read this comment of yours will know about that.
Also, for my understanding current build of the game does not have any spall liners right?
So why i can see big block around the T80BVM carousel lighting up in penetration, when i clearly didn’t touch any of those rails, purely hit in between of them and still there clearly is extra protection for the ammo.


Here you have description what’s going on. This is Russian bias.


TrickZZter himseld stated that the submited video was from 9 Years ago, but the T-90M is a different version of the tank. The T-90M video that was shown in the video might have been a prototype and in the end it never has been implemented in that way for the 2020 version of the T-90M

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When you shot at T90A another funny thing happens, ammorack acts like with extra protection and also in its whole volume is still acting on the penetrating jet.

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Turms also has this:


So if T72B3 does not have it, it means that other models GOT THE ARTIFICIAL EXTRA PROTECTION TO BE BETTER THAN ACTUALLY ARE.

This is just sad.


Yes I agree, that is why Im posting it here with the hope more people sees it.

I think what you are seeing is the carrousel protection.
If you shoot at the driver from the side there is no such extra protection like the T-90M does with the spall liner.