Differences between the ADATS (M113) and an LMM equipped Stormer

With some recent issues pertaining to the Starstreak many people have called for the Stormer to receive the Martlet as a replacement. However this will cause the BR to increase towards the ADATS (M113) which is something I wish to discuss. This thread is about a comparison between the two missiles and their platforms from my perspective and knowledge. Feel free to correct me.

  1. Missiles:
ADATS performance

The ADATS (MIM146) is a Mach 3 missile with a 10km range that weighs 51kg. It’s 2.05m long and 152.4mm wide. It has a 12.5kg mixed shaped charge and blast fragment warhead with 7.86 kg TNTeq, a 6m proxy fuse and 900mm of pen.

LMM performance

The LMM is a Mach 1.5 missile with a 7km range that weighs 13kg. It’s 1.3m long and 76.2mm wide. It has a 3kg mixed shaped charge and blast fragment warhead of an unknown TNTeq, with a laser proxy fuse of an unknown range and an unknown amount of pen.

They are both laser beam riding missiles.

  1. Platforms:
M113 performance

The ADATS (M113) is based on the M113 APC. Weight is 16.6 metric tonnes and a 279 hp engine gives it a 16.8 hp/t ratio. Max speed is 65 / 15 km/h forward and reverse.

Turret performance

It has an I band search radar with a 10 and 25km setting. The IR/TV tracker also has a max range of 10km.
It can carry a max of 8 missiles in 2 twin launchers each side of the TV/IR tracker. They are not individually reloadable and the launchers are not stabilised.

CVR(T) performance

The Stormer HVM is based on the CVR(T) APC. Weight is 13.5 metric tonnes and a 250 hp engine gives it a 18.5 hp/t ratio. Max speed is 80 / 80 km/h forward and reverse.

Turret performance

It has an 8km (to be fixed) IRST that will not set off any RWR’s. It can carry 16 missiles in an octuple unmanned turret and another 8 in the hull. They can be individually reloaded at cap points. The launchers are stabilised and would allow for fire on the move.

TL;DR. LMM is half the speed, length and diameter than ADATS and a quarter of the weight. However the range is only 3km less. But with a smaller warhead this would be harder to use against both ground and air targets however the stabiliser on the Stormer would facilitate shoot on the move capability similar to the BMP-2M, and IT-1.