Difference of Imp.Caparral missiles

Hi. i can’t see any difference between the two missiles that the Imp.Chaparral has access to.

And in game:
Screenshot 2024-03-31 095832
Screenshot 2024-03-31 095816

Am i missing something obvious?
The only difference i see is the C or E ending in the name but everything else looks the same.
i have tried searching and in the Devblog they talk about it having the A version (with only rear aspect) as a start but i assume it got changed at some point.
To me it looks like a complete waste of RP to research the E version.
can someone enlighten me?

Smokeless motor

Is that all?
Seems like a weird thing to have an entire modification unlock to get.

To my knowledge all other missile upgrade modifications in game give more than that.

Well that is all, other than that it is identical. On the other hand you have to look at where you use it. In GRB there is no missile marker. Chap can use either IRST or simply lock using the missile, so no warning. The only thing that would alert the plane is smoke from the motor. And this version lack it

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Yup, just the smokeless motor.

The A used to be the stock missile while the C was the top one. The A was rear aspect only. Glad they got rid of it.

The C replaced the A and the E took the top spot. The smokeless motor might not seem like much of a change. But in RB, it is a huge one. It is really good as long as you dont have friendly spaa spooking the planes.

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