Didnt fix sl

My I-225 has a higher max repair cost (BR 5.0) than a MIG-29 (BR 12.0)
I thought gaijin had “fixed” the repair cost system.

Only in SB, otherwise the Mig-29 is higher in both AB and RB.

in rb it was higher i looked there

It’s not, the I-225’s max repair is 9896 while the Mig-29’s is 12785.

oh my bad but still why are they that close when they have a 7br difference

Repair cost is based off rank not BR.

I find the SL economy much better now.
The RP grind for ground vehicles, and helicopters especially, is very slow though.

still rank 8 and rank 5 only 3k but the other rank 5s had like 6k max unlike the 9.5k