Did you know? ..Dagor is open source (incl AssetViewer and Blender extension)

I just thought I would mention it. I didn’t know myself until a couple days ago and I’m a little surprised I haven’t seen more discussion about it.

AssetViewer source is found in the tools folder https://github.com/GaijinEntertainment/DagorEngine/tree/ad82b62ef234ab1765670b53a3a8bc1bb1f5c1eb/prog/tools

Blender extension (python part) is dag4Blend I think, and the c++ part (blk2dag) is in the converters folder.

If I can get around to it I’m hoping I can update the Blender extension to the latest Blender and maybe fix blk2dag merging all objects into one.

Its so good they have to give it away for free. lol.