Did the Mig 21S R13 300 carry R60s IRL?

Looked today on an aviation forum and saw that the Romanian Army had a version of the Mig 21S that carried R60s and the Ussr have the as well.My question is why this is not in the game?Why does it carry only R3S and R at BR 9.7 and not R60 or R13? Devs please look into it because please.

Because if it recieves R-60 it will goes straight up to 10.3/10.7 BR.

And also,… Romania Have their MiG-21 for a VERY Looooooooooonnnnnnnnnng time, such as Indian airforce,… so the R-60 might have been an improvement that only Romanian one saw, to avoid Romania buying newer MiG-21 due to it’s small defence budget.

The Mig-21S (R-13-300) is a testbed 21 for The R-13-300 engine dude, this Thing was never exported and never saw R-60 in its life